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Welcome to Steelers City in 2068, a barren post-apocalyptic wasteland run by criminals and the most dangerous place on the once inhabited territory of Earth. Just maybe those skills you learnt joy-riding as a teenager will be enough to help keep your head above water. Everything here is dictated by racing, money, power, fame, the flow of goods, all comes down to the big races.

There are winners and losers in this town, those who win survive, those who lose aren’t around long enough to feel sorrow. This is Cyber Racing 3D, the most death defying hardcore racing game on mobile, jam packed with action as you blast your competitors away and race for glory on the streets of Steelers. Choose your warglyder, rev your engines and prepare for battle as you speed your way through a multitude of tracks in a variety of different locations. Immense 3D graphics and sound assault the senses as you take control of your warglyder through accelerometer or touchscreen based controls and lead your character to victory against AI opponents. Cyber Racing 3D – Get ready for the ride of your life! – 12 different ships to choose from, ranging from heavy tanks to light and fast bikes – 16 tracks in a total across 4 separate locations – 5 weapon types and pick-up bonuses like nitro or nuclear weapons – Motion sensor controlled steering (or swipe control if you’d prefer) This application can support WIFI Multiplay.


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Download from samsungappsĀ 

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  1. Orangepunkt

    can’t download it, each time counter start counting down and when I click on download it loops again ….:(( can someone put any other link to download it PLZ ?

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