Experience 3D on your Samsung wave smartphone running Android ICS 4.0.4

Claystone Launcher For Android Is A Great 3D Home Screen Replacement With Integrated Amazon Content


claystone launcher on samsung wave - dk

Everything in your cloud and all applications in one swipe

An awesome Homescreen replacement for your Badadroid.

This will get smoother with implementation of android jelly bean

checkout the launcher in video below



Deepak kaku ‘DK’

22 thoughts on “Experience 3D on your Samsung wave smartphone running Android ICS 4.0.4

  1. raj

    i know i shoudnt ask this coz u already told that they are working on android for wave 2…
    but out of desperation…..any progress?

    1. Dk Post author

      there is no release date as such

      24th july was just a marking day made by developer
      that he will come back on 24th and wrk on port

  2. kishor

    Sir atleast upload any photo which proves that developers are working on wave 2 for android.

    we are boared of waiting and if they are not working on wave 2 plz plz say us so that we search for another way like selling bada phones.



    1. Dk Post author

      i guess i had posted before, developer said, he is waiting for wave 2 device

      and by now he must have got wave 2 to wrk on

      plz be patient

  3. tejsav

    hey dk thanksh for ur work… :)
    can u plzz give me the link of the blog of the developer so that people dont disturb u or ask the same question again nd again…coz we r seriously fucked with this bada :(
    wave 2 users

  4. hardik

    plzzzzzz………..android for wave 2……. i m literary crying now…….!!!
    everytime….i am free ..i look at my phone…& think what new i can see in it..and there is nothing new i can see…no new apps… nothing!!
    it is always boring to hold this phone in my hand and do nothing…..!!!!…just looking for any call or msgs….!!

  5. bada patience

    When are we gonna get android for wave 3? I also wonder why aren’t there any home replacement launchers for bada?

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