How to Root Samsung Wave 1 Running Android 4.0.4 ICS – Novice Tutorial [VIDEO] by DK

Android 4.0.4 ICS on samsung wave rooted

With On demand Video tutorial

Many of you still Don’t know what exactly a ROOT is, so here i am providing you some information

What is root?

Root – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

to “root” your phone essentially means to give yourself superuser access on it. This is like being the highest level of administrator for the device. This allows you to change the interface of your phone. Once your phone is “rooted” you can install custom ROMs (they look alot like themes, just google the name and you’ll see plenty of examples). You can also download “rooted only” applications for use on the device.

A “Root” in general is the most basic directory in a system. For instance the Root of your computer most likely is the “C:” drive. Their also happens to be a “Root” of your smartphone, which is what is manipulated in order to achieve a “rooted” phone and its benefits.
What is rooting

Android is built upon the Linux operating system, where there is a concept of an administrator user aka “root” that has full permissions to the system. When you “root” a phone, you are enabling access to the root user so you can call on that user to access protected functionality.

As a regular user, you can request “superuser” access, which is another way of saying that you want root privileges. In a traditional Linux OS, if you log in as root, you can actually create multiple superusers, like a team of administrators, with either complete power, or some subset of power. But for the purpose of Android phones, the only superuser is root, and root always has full access to the system.

To request superuser access, you would use a shell command called “su.” In Android, the su command works in conjunction with an app called Superuser to grant the Android application(s) root access. The Superuser app is included in the rooted ROM; it’s something you automatically get when you root your phone.

Android applications with root access can do a lot more. If you ever see an app on the market that says “for rooted devices only,” it means that its functionality requires root access. A normal unrooted phone would not be able to perform that functionality.
Here is one tutorial i created on “How to Root Samsung Wave 1 Running Android 4.0.4 ICS”

Follow it carefully


Deepak kaku ‘DK’

27 thoughts on “How to Root Samsung Wave 1 Running Android 4.0.4 ICS – Novice Tutorial [VIDEO] by DK

  1. Vijay

    Okay seriously, How Long do you want us Wane II users to wait? It’s just a little bit different isn’t it – instead of Super AMOLED, we have SC LCD. Will it take 1000 years to create a driver for the display?

    1. Dipanjan

      portin is difficult for wave 2 unlike wave users…be patient mate… am sure we ll be amazed by our developers

    2. Dk Post author

      your wave 2 device is lot much different than wave 1

      wave 1 was the 1st flgship device

      wave 2was an enhancement to wave 1
      with large screen

      plus wave 2 has a totally different bootloader all together

      if you can make a boot loader for your self

      plz do so

  2. vaibhav

    I done it perfectly. Also got the superuser but still network & battery indicators not working….unable to call…..plz waiting for urgent solutions……thank you

    1. Dk Post author

      this guide was only to get superuser interface

      calls and modems etc will come in other builds

      i will keep you guys updated

  3. Dipanjan

    guys plz be patient…i m sure we ll get n update for wave 2 where everyhin is working makin calls n stuffs…thnx to our developers we r provided with android on our waves

  4. kokolo

    For home button just go to google play and write in the search bar “home button” and download the first one it should in the task bar

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