Hysteria Project (Download Link)

In “HYSTERIA PROJECT”, YOU are the hero!


Step into the shoes of the main character and take part in an unforgettable adventure! Will you take the right decisions and make it out in one piece?


Hysteria Project is a groundbreaking gaming experience, where you are the hero of an entirely filmed adventure. Go along with the video clips, keep a sharp eye on what’s going on around you and most importantly of all – make the right choices at the right time.

Recommended for fans of new experiences and thrill-seekers.

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Download Link from Samsungapps

22 thoughts on “Hysteria Project (Download Link)

  1. sbouibas Post author

    Sorry TrooperFX there’s no HD version of the game right now but when it would be available we will bring it here as soon as possible !!

  2. rithwiq

    hot pursuit download link pls..and new spoof method works great.but games like gangstar,mc3..didnt work.pls work better for badadroid..

    1. TrooperFX

      i have the newest gangstar. but game isnt worth.

      almost all cool games that are ‘playable’ at our phone has crappy graphics. look at this game, and mc1.

      if you check mc1 and mc3, you see that mc3 is much better. but not working at our phones.

      mc2 works at android 2.2.1, but not at 4.0.4 (we need less lag and sd support)

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