Latest Official Firmware update for Wave 1 S8500 (Updated)



GT-S8500 -
Version: 2.0
Date: 2012-07-05
Regions: Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Spain, United Kingdom

Update will be available for the above region through kies.

And you can also download the firmware from the link below.



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  • air_sam

    Where is the link dude…!!!

    No link patched to the download tab…!!!

    Consider checking the upload is clear or not…


  • wave

    change log…!!


    so would this work as normal for uk ?
    [[Portugal (TPH) 2012 July 2.0 S8500XXLG1]]
    this firmware is for Portugal supposedly…….

  • lat002

    I’ve installed this on my Wave 1 and it appears to be working well (on English, I’m in the UK). I’d previously tried the ‘French’ official firmware release (S8500XXLD2_S8500OXXLE1_VGF) that should have been OK for the UK also, but Samsung Apps would not update automatically.
    Thanks to Sivakumar for posting this.

  • piyad2

    can any1 tell its change logs pls

  • Taxidriver05

    I think, just bug fixes…
    No significant changes…

  • Kishore

    why don’t any one try?

  • Ron

    is the version for India released ?

  • Jarko

    I tried it. Samsung apps still crashed unexpectedly. Lot of lags. Bada 1.2 KF3 still look like the best BADA for our waves 1/2.

    Is it necessary to make “hard reset” after install this update via Multiloader?


  • Johnny

    No Hungarian langauge in this version !!!!