LCD Driver works on Wave 2 Android

wave 2 android

Ever since the Android port has arrived for Wave 1 smart phones, Wave 2 people are really getting anxious and want Android desperately n their wave 2 smart phones. Well yes, Wave 1 did get a Download for Android but it was only partial. Wave 1 Was the first of its kind and its but obvious that the developers had started understanding the architecture way before wave 2 was launched.

Even after explaining so many times that wave 2 has 70-80% of getting android, people have bombarded me with only one single question “Android for Wave 2”.

So let let me explain it to you whats the scenario over here, Wave 1 has a smaller screen size than wave 2. A larger screen means greater efforts taken by the chip to render the images and videos on screen. Hence the drivers for both mobile phones are different.

A developer from XDA Oleg_k successfully developed the Screen driver in feb 2012. But ever since the developers were working on the modem drivers which is responsible for making calls and network.

Sd card support has to be added. In my opinion, its going to take a very long time to develop a near to complete Android port.
So here is the image of Wave 2 running android but its still under construction


wave 2 android


Download links for Android for wave 1 are available, but Download for wave 2 is still not out.

Wave 3 is currently out of question since wave 3 drivers, bootloaders are totally different from  wave 1 and wave 2.

Other waves like wave y,M, etc are not in the scenario, i see no android for them currently, but don’t loose hope you may get it who knows.


And Wave 2 guys please don’t worry, i will be the first one to tell you about the progress.

Stay tuned.

More updates will be provided. Patience will be rewarded.

Waiting is like buying an insurance plan. Pay now and enjoy later. So you are paying now by waiting and will enjoy the benefits later.

And i have even showed a proof before that Mikegapinski is working on the port.



Deepak kaku ‘DK’

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44 thoughts on “LCD Driver works on Wave 2 Android

  1. TrooperFX

    You say android 4.1 is released for wave 1??

    can you make a lite rom from it with the holo launcher and the holo locker??
    (or the 4.1 launcher and locker)
    that would be awesome!!

  2. Rishiraj

    i posted this thing almost many months back dude! 😛 Update urself!! its done by Oleg_k and u need to know that its progress will b cntinued by Mike (the polish blodd developer) !!… that also when wave 1’s android development is fully and COmpleted, i.e. when android is working atleast 90% that also by being installed in ROM and not by NAND flash memory method!! 😛

    1. Dk Post author

      u dun read the whole thing
      or may be u dont know how to read

      i have clearly mentioned this was done in feb 2012

      i guess u need to update ur reading skills

    2. Dk Post author

      and not everyone is updated, i dunno why you guys have problem when i tell these guys again

      you know it, good for you
      so keep it to yourself and enjoy

  3. Sharath kumar

    Please release the stable android or badadroid link for wave 2 as soon as possible !!!!!!!!!!!!
    you have all my regards !!

  4. suia65

    thank you your works we are waiting. I think we are waiting many times.We are excited.Excuse me.What you think DK how mutch time this project, working android for wave 2.Best regards suia65

  5. abhishek

    Dk is passing on the message dat d real developers are updating.Seriously people are so idiotic here(I meant a few).Dk won’t be able to specify any date cos d real developers viz. Michal Gapinski,Rebellos,nbates,anghelyi have not said when it will be released on Github.So please stfu and wait patiently!

  6. Doh

    Trying not to mention that Wave2 owners can’t read or just not willing to, but as said many many times before: DK is just the messenger, so don’t shoot him :-).

    If you wanted android on your phone, you should have bought an android phone. Yes, they are more expensive than bada phones, but there is a reason for it :-).

    And if this upsets anyone, just be patient and wait, some day android will come to you.

  7. Maxence

    Wow ! Thanks guys for porting android, I really enjoy your work. See you later, I’ll make a donation for Mike in september.

  8. Bharat

    hi Dk, just a question, if we get android, waht version it will be? and waht all functions we can perform with our phone?

  9. SK

    Recently the screen of my waveII developed lining and Samsung had replaced my wave2 with Galaxy ace plus under warranty. Though the galaxy ace plus nowhere comes closer to Wave 2 or wave 3 in terms looks & camera quality and it is a kind of degradation, I am happy with the replacement only because I Got rid of BADA. :-). But I miss my WaveII badly. Don’t know why Samsung didn’t market it as an android device.
    GAlaxy ace plus looks so cheap in front of Wave II & III. Ace+ package has no pouch, no scratch resistance screen, no metal body, no dedicated camera key, no TV output….and list goes one :-( . Miss u Wavy dear…..

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