New Official Firmwares For Wave I & II (S8500BOLE1,S8530BOLD1 T-Mobile)

Some latest firmwares are now out so if anyone is there who has a problem with custom firmwares or just don’t like it then you can upgrade to these newer firmwares.Even if you don’t have any porblem flash these firmwares and please give a review for them. These firmware are for S8500 & S8530 and are available in the regions of Europe and is made for T-Mobile but anyone can use it.

For the people living in the below regions you can upgrade your phones through kies no need to download the firmware.

 For Wave I Users S8500BOLE1

Austria (T-Mobile)2012 June2.0S8500BOLE1S8500MAXLE1Download
Czech Republic (T-Mobile)2012 June2.0S8500BOLE1S8500TMZLE1Download
Germany (T-Mobile)2012 June2.0S8500BOLE1S8500DTMLE1Download
For Wave II Users S8530BOLD1
Germany (T-Mobile)2012 July2.0S8530BOLD1S8530DTMLD1Download
Croatia (T-Mobile)2012 July2.0S8530BOLD1S8530CROLD2Download


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  • Ogre

    Changelogs? :))

  • huzefa

    my mobile is frm kuwait and i m leaveing in india and i wanna update frimware in india pls help

  • Sohan

    Wts d difference???

  • bindavivek

    can you please provide the firmware for Mauritius..Thanks :))))))))

  • Ajay

    Unable to find much difference almost same..
    internal arrangemnt of memory may be different

  • abcd

    “purchasing failed due to an error. please try again later.[1]” This problem is occurring when i try to purchase a game from kies.
    What does it mean? Please help if somebody knows about this problem.

  • darmar

    i’m using official branded version of this fw (S8530CROLD2) for few days also, and have to say, fw is smooth and fast, openning apps, internet browsing, gps fix are now way faster than it was on bada 1.2, but the battery consumption is way bigger, battery barelly last 1.5 days on light use (earlier it was 4-5 days in same conditions).. didn’t noticed any lags in usage but unlocking the phone is a bit slow..
    and would be nice if all the stuff (caster,im,music hub..) are removable by ourselfs and not implement in the sistem for bigger ram consumption..

  • fdsfs


    spoof the apps. don’t buy.

    otherwise try to download the android app and use it on the android 4.0.4 on your wave (if you have it)

    • http://WillitmakeHR VasekDrtikol

      Why dont buy some apps? Developers had lot of works with them, i spoof only these apps, which are on android or ios free, cuz thatz unfair

      sry for english

  • John65oo

    What’s the newest between these firms?

  • Manish

    Can we upgrade the above firmwares in India in wave2…?

  • pinaki

    how to change language because i did it but i wanna change the language to english can it be don

  • jilvan

    Algo desses Firmwares tem o idioma português(Brasil)?

  • waveuser

    The firmware S8530BOLD1 for Germany is very fast compared with Chinese official firmware.

  • tomas

    does any of these firmwares supports the greek language???

  • Iftikhar

    Any news of 2.0 for s8500 for Pakistan?

  • http://badahub muhammad ashir

    i install but not working any thing .i have samsung wave1

  • John

    hey guys…
    Is this official fw support arabic ??
    I have wave II