Petition for release Nimbuzz for Bada OS



Hi guys,

As you all know we don’t have any application or software in our Samsung Apps store which is as good as Nimbuzz in  providing the messenger services.So i have created a petition.

please sign this petition to release Nimbuzz app for Samsung Bada OS.


Hope we could have this application on our wave devices.

And petitions do work because we got Bada 2.0 in January which was being delayed to February ,so we can get this app too.


Link to Petition:


Thank You 😉



8 thoughts on “Petition for release Nimbuzz for Bada OS

  1. turtle

    Y the hell do we have to beg everyone for apps. Cant samsung have a switch to android. I am using a wave 2 its a superhero without powers. Can samsung agree that bada was a disaster. And it sucks to have people believe in samsung and they act cold.

  2. PrOuDuDe

    Its not begging man its the way of proving the user strength of BADA. Why bada is getting neglected by developers is bcz yet it is not released in USA..guys’BADA IS GROWING SLOWLY BUT STEADLY’

  3. SXN

    I wonder if BADA OS is supporting VOIP or Videochat ? can anybody tell us for sure if BADA support any apps with VOIP or VIDEOCHAT ???

  4. PrOuDuDe

    Yes bada has both Voip and videocall but for using VOIP we need a thirdparty app yet its not available soon kakao talk and chaton will provide VOIP and you can use videocall with 3g

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