Power Apps Race Ends And Developers Won $100,000

As you know the Power Apps race was going on and now its over and we have our winners some of these apps also got reviewed on our site like VIKI and now all the apps listed below including VIKI have won rewards which add up to $100,000.

these all apps listed below are available for free right now but may become paid in near future so you have got the last chance to download these amazing award wining apps.Link to download those apps from Samsungapps.com are provided below.


top 5 Apps

  1. Flashlight bada 2.0
  2. Special FX Camera
  3. Crazy Voice 2
  4. VIKI
  5. Drums HD

Top 5 Games

  1. TurboFly HD
  2. Asphalt 6 HD
  3. Control Tower FREE
  4. Welcome to Hell
  5. Earth and Legend

6 thoughts on “Power Apps Race Ends And Developers Won $100,000

  1. rAj06

    Seriously? Flashlite best app?? No wonder Bada is what it is today. Special FX camera is not good enough. And Viki? Thats the most stupid app, never works right!
    Samsung should be ashamed of this.

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