Things to try out on your Android 4.0.4 ICS on Samsung Wave 1 S8500

Things to try out on your Android 4.0.4 ICS on Samsung Wave 1 S8500

It’s been a week now since Android 4.0.4 has been released as the 1st public alpha version and many don’t know what to do about it, well here are the four things that can make u love your wave again ( i know we want to leave wave asap :P )

So follow up with the videos and check out these three coolest things yo can do with your Samsung wave Android

1) Vlc Remote

If you are equipped with Wifi then probably you are going to love this feature. I know most of Android people know abt it. check out the video

2) FlipBoard

One of the coolest app ever built for Android. It keeps you updated with your liking and streams like Technology, Photography, news, food, etc.

3) 8Tracks

Its online Radio. People bring their mixes together and form a playlist. You can browse them by selecting type of genre you want to listen like Electronic, dance, jazz, blues, etc. watch video for more info

4) Koi Fish Live wallpaper

This is the most realistic water live wallpaper you will ever get on Android.

Im sure There are many things to do with it. the Facebook app wrks well, the gtalk is awesome its just u need to get used to the touch… :P :)

Enjoy Friends


Deepak Kaku ‘DK’ (profile name : deeps_17)   (subscribe now :) )

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  • allanm

    Wave II ne kya paap kiya ??? Did he commit any sin ????

    • deeps_17

      Wave 2 Android is in progress. Mike said he is now wrking on Wave 2 and Lcd Drivers . . . have patience like we did

  • deeps_17

    Admin please put up the video embedded here , so that people can watch it here itself. I could not embed it as it was nt showing up any video

  • ghulam subhani

    please make it for wave 2 s8530 please
    mike sir please i don’t need bada any more

  • anonym

    ..the four more useless thing you can do with your android.

  • inderpal singh

    make it for wave 3 S8600.

  • assassin

    plzzzz make it for wave 3

  • parry

    plz make it for wave II as soon as possible mike sir

  • TrooperFX

    useless man.

    something that is good is root permission and overclock.

    • deeps_17

      i guess you got it next post of mine

      and yaa dun overclock it 1.6
      u may end up in a smoky samsung wave

  • MisterX


    plzzzz make it for wave 3

    :( i have a wave 3 :(

  • jalallrockin

    please make 4 wave ii piease response me

  • jalallrockin

    who can download apps and games without samsungapps? Do u know to download?

    • TrooperFX

      spoof samsung kies or just spoof apps -.-’

  • Roy

    There is an update for android ICS for wave. They fix the calibration. Touch screen works perfectly now.

    • deeps_17


      • TrooperFX

        you mean it??

        thanks bitch!! hope it is updated at

  • jalallrockin

    who can have android on wave 2?

  • Zainab

    There is very low sound of calls coming from my wave s8500 integrated earpiece ….I change the firmware lot of time but the problem didn’t slove…can anyone tell me what is the issue behind this….

    • chetannn

      you mean the modem works or is it something else sorry if i got you wrong!

      • TrooperFX

        he mean at bada i think.

        modem isn’t made yet

  • vnnarendran

    It seems there has been a problem with the keypad. I cant type “1″. what can i do. please help me

  • aaditya

    can any one send me the link of sherkforever v1.0.3…….for wave 2

  • jalallrockin

    please help me how can install apps & games my samsung apps says no data plz help!

  • jalallrockin

    my mobile is samsung waveii plz help

  • piyush

    network is not showing ??

  • piyush

    mobile is also not charging ….

    • TrooperFX

      my fone is only charching a bit slower than normally.

      but android works verry well!

  • piyush

    plz help….

  • badapatience

    Please, please, please!!!!! Make it for wave 3(s8600)!

  • thorpedo

    Calls and messages working? And please someone make list what works and what doesnt.

  • shashank agrawal

    will android market also be avaiable

    • Shashank


  • kktkaran

    4 useless things from android market for wave1 ( actually all are useless on market other than gta3 and some gameloft games which is not avail on bada2)
    what about wave2?

  • kktkaran

    is it working or not as i mentioned above

  • sandy

    hi guyz excellent work now i can see the real power of android with the same hardware. comparing fruit ninja in bada is a bit slow but in ics its like butter. however is there any way the internal storage can be increased bcoz even after moving apps to sd card still the apps use some internal storage hence decreasing it with each new app installed.

    thanks in advance

  • air_sam

    I wonder when will you developers try to fix battery notification and cellular network malfunctioning in next update…!!!

    Anyways try until you succeed and my best wishes is with you..!!!

  • air_sam


  • sonu

    wen will u make android for wave 333333333333333333

  • jalallrockin

    hey why someone not respons?!!! When the android on wave 2

  • jalallrockin

    i think that the wave 2 is not batter then wave i .

  • jalallrockin

    hey who can make android on bada phone if you know plz give me the email id or other options .
    I ask him y u not make make android on wave ii and wave iìi?

  • kktkaran

    actually fruit ninja works good in bada2
    but bada2 running on 850mhz

    so overclocking bada2 to
    1ghz gives smoother performance

  • sandy

    hi guyz can you suggest me a cpu overclocking app that can set frequencies up to 1600 MHZ

    thanks in advance

  • fazal

    did anyone try temple run.?

  • electrosam

    yaa……..did it….aftr 2-3 unsuccessfl loads( crashes)….it wrks perfectly ;)

  • xLilice98x

    Quand Android sera t il disponible sur le wave 2 s8530???

  • Hussein

    Modem Is working or not ??

  • Hussein

    and it work with wave 2 or what ?

    modem (Calling , messeging