TurkoCFW v6.1 + Spoof: Wave II(Updated The Download Link)

i don’t own the firmware i just share it all credits go to hero355 !!

Enjoy !! :)

Firmware Version: ANLD1
CSC Version: EPLLD1
Bada Version: 2.0

Compatible Phone Model: S8530


– Fm Radio Is Working Without Earnphone Connection [Ordinary, earphone functions as though antenna of the phone, therefore radio gets more signals. But here we would like to emphasize that most of the time we do not take earphones with us and so no Radio. Sure if you have internet connection (3G) can get online radio stations with 3th party software.
With this Custom Firmware we brought about Radio without Antenna (earphones).
By making Manuel station search even you can find many radio stations or just put your finger over antenna input area.]

– Fixed a very low start ringing when a call comes at the beginning.
– Deleted Operator Name From Notification Bar

– Auto portrait camera
– Any key LCD on
 Exclusive! Opera Mini for Bada app is included only this CFW
– Show hidden storage on windows explorer (IntSys) )
– SocialHub premium Activated for ALL CSC
– You can record a call
– Deleted All default pictures.Only one of them is remained
– Deleted Analog Clock,Calendar and Memo Widgets
– Added Iphone ring tone
– This time firmware based on latest XELF1/CISLF1 June’s Firmware for Russia
– There are 5 CSC file in the CSC file. CSC version is required with the necessary explanations below
– Fixed on calculator division operation in CSC-V5 Turkish language
– CSC & ShpApp Reduced
– Origo Browser name fixed to original
– Changed power on/off sound
– Added Search button to the main menu, as bada 1.2
– China, Korea and Asian symbols has been deleted for Ram (only CSC V1)
– Fixed Some wrong translation on Turkish and Azerbaijan Language
– Ripped Boot screen seconds (for quick opening)
– Changed Boot logo to BadaDroid
– Deleted unnecessary apps like Caster,GTalk,Yahoo,MSN,Music hub and etc. for saving ram
– Remove pdf file, widgets, gadgets from hold bada 1.x
– Custom for GPS
– Facebook,Twitter and Chat On are available on market!
– Default Start Year 2012 Default
– Help Windows Disabled
– Reduced number of home screens to 1
– Changed app arrangement on homescreen
– Changed app arrangement in main menu 

– Battery percentage enabled Default
– Sleep Time 1 Min Default
– Maximum use of 5 Java apps same time
– Wave 3 Market inside 
– Maximum SMS / MMS increased 150
– MMS Resized Image to 7 mb previous it was 3 mb, size of attachment to 10 mb previous 5 mb
– Backlight time 15sec default
– Motion Shake,Tilt and Turn over OFF default
– Default App Instalation MMC
– Bluetooth remote SIM mode activated
– For Using SER (Russian) You will See Qip Mobile on the Java apps
– Fixed Transparant on Notification bar
– Supported 32 European Language & 55 CSC / 11 Mea & Asian Language & 28 CSC
– If you will use SER CSC .Kies will say it is the latest firmware
– Support for RTL languages (Right to left languages) (Only CSC V7)

– MEA calendar added (Hijri – Shamsi – Georgian)(Only CSC V7)

The New Download Link has been added 

Download Link : Turko CFW V6.1 : Download link

Alternative Hotfile : https://hotfile.com/dl/162330081/b2c…ero355.7z.html

Download Attachment which you want.Change Download Mode on your Phone.And Open Multiloader And Choose Only “XXX. app” and tick to Download.After Finished You can See App Icon On your Phone’s menu 

XXX=Which app you want to install

MSN : http://www.share.az/k6xkwv2qg6xn/MSN.app.html

Yahoo : http://www.share.az/uyqn53mq9g9q/Yahoo.app.html

Gtalk : http://www.share.az/w977vtscioco/GTalk.app.html

IM(Instant Messenger) : http://www.share.az/rbu7ggxmkrd9/IM(…nger).app.html

Caster : http://www.share.az/0tp9ol5p63mb/HDCaster.app.html

Polaris Office : http://www.share.az/b3bwloytqkiu/Shp…ro355.app.html

89 thoughts on “TurkoCFW v6.1 + Spoof: Wave II(Updated The Download Link)

  1. sandy

    Why custom firmwares eat more battery are more laggy. I mean every custom firmware I have installed on my wave (s8500) have a common problem of the lock screen being extremely non responsive many times I could not unlock my phone even after many swipes.
    Now I have installed non customized firmware DDCL2 indian. To my surprise now the battery lasts for 2 days on moderate usage and in standby mode the percentage does not decrease even by 1 percent. And touch screen is very responsive and I never faced any problem in unlocking the screen after this firmware. Browsing is far better wish app store had dolpin hd as: n android because opera in wave is not as good as it is for android. Its a 17+ k phone for gods sake and browsing internet on it has always been pathetic.

    I am posting this comment from dolphin browser hd of android ics 4.0 dualboot and I can experience the power of android browsing net is like butter playing games is altogether an experience on another level touch is far more responsive. Consider the fact it is still an unfinished project I am just waiting for project to be completed once done I swear I will never boot bada again.

      1. sandy

        @ I agree that it doesn`t crash i never experienced it but lag is what i have exp a lot and what about browsing internet it never improved in performance it only improved for features. In fact the added features are ‘low memory’ and ‘Page too large. Content may not be displayed properly’ these have been an integral part of bada os. Apart from browsing the internet it is a decent os

  2. OMDA


  3. susho

    is it android ICS 4.04??????????????is it instal android apps and live wallpaper?????????????? plzz friends ans me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        1. ach raf

          medo please i installed that firmware but spoofing is not working it do not show any icon or anything when it says spoof is complete

  4. omda

    guys this firmware supports arabic perfectly and camera works well but when i try to make a call it simply does not and so is the case for video call, sms is working alright, but camera sometimes won’t work and i can read the following message “can’t use camera while making a call”and yesss it is for wave ii guys

  5. sajan

    its working gud.
    plz add some features like
    1)add more ringtones
    2)add more icons in notification bar like nexus rom
    3)change shut down sound.
    4)add voice languages
    5)inbuilt browser is very slow compared to nexus rom
    6)remove music player option frm settings and plz add it to the music player like nexus rom
    7)give more louder sound for music player
    the multi-tasking is working gud than other firmwares.thnks
    we hope u will update it soon by adding this features.
    thanks hero355…………………………………………………………………………/
    we r waiting………………………………………………………..

  6. Alkalino

    Hi! If calls doesn’t work send me an e-mail, I modified the ShpAPP to fix this.

    [email protected]

    Best regards.

  7. Yopi

    next time, can you please not remove the fonts :( specially ‘choco cookie’ font :( . and please bring back the IM so that we can use ymal or gmail :( thanks. and i hope that you will make more firmwares like this :)

    1. omda

      thx alot alkalinorap u saved my day, but still there’s a bug in this fw it restarts when u try to delete the message using the bin tab. can u find a remedy to this prob otherwise a great fw :)

      1. Alkalinorap

        Hi! I tried to fix this problem but when i fixed it appears a problem much big, when you open SocialHub Wave restarts… so is better that Wave restarts when trying to delete messages that do not let you access the social hub. Anyway I will try to fix it.

  8. sajan

    test waveII(turko v6.0) is not working.i am using wave II.when i flash m phone with multiloader.shpp app file write failed error shown.finally my phone was bricked………………
    hey hero355 that firmware is too bad plz remove fastly……………………………………………………………………………………………////////////
    plz build a working android firmware for samsung wave II………………………………………………………………..

  9. Dipanjan

    At first it works like charm…its the fastest n smoothest….but sfter 8-9 hrs due to some reason it keeps on restarting from boot screen …plz diagnose that

  10. Dipanjan

    I m frm india
    Love the font choco cookie in csc v6
    Camera working fine
    Calls working fine
    UI is too smooth :)
    there is some kinda bug for which phone keeps on restarting after 8-9 hrs of flashing…plz try n rectify tat..

  11. Dipanjan

    found out solution for the restart problem…
    just install frsh apps ….
    dont restore backed up apps from diff firmware…
    now everythin is just smooth n groovy….

    only disadv battery drains faster than the one on elitev4 cfw…just tweak it a bit plz hero355

    but still by far the best firmware for wave 2

  12. sajankassim999

    message deliting tool bar icon…… phone will be restart ……please avoid this problem……than you…..Hero355….

  13. Vipin Dev m

    Hai Turko..
    I am from India. I am a great fan of yours..
    Will you help me in copying or making the apps stored in my Wave as unmodified app so that i can spoof it whenever i want without the use of internet… Also i can share it with those who are in need of that app..

  14. sharatjose

    hi i am a nubie from india
    do i need to check anything like the
    Firmware Version: ANLD1
    CSC Version: EPLLD1
    my phone currently has the sw ver :- s8530ddlc2
    and csc :- s8530oddlc2??????

    the apps link not working….
    plz give reply by a bignner in modding

  15. prince

    damn hectic firmware… suck my mind, tym n fone…. cant fast shape screen cant touch the icons its reboot n crap hit me like anythng… :@ click on delete butoons in msgs fone restarts, click search button its restarts, can just work fast on dis firmware… makes ur device unstable and sudden restarts… cant u guys work on official frimware n rectifies the problem in that instead of wasting time of views n device…. i even cant remebers how many tyms i have flash my wave 2 with dis firmware of turko CFW 6.1 nad CFW 8.0 n CFw 8.1 alll are same n leggy and crash device

  16. prince

    hahaha!! i just like to laugh for every now and then effort make by hero355 and turko guys 😛 i have lost my mind and trust this firmware again but still its ruins me like any things… crash firmware with lots n lots of bugs in all parts of it… like to del multiple msgs its restart, like to restore or back up msgs its restarts, scroll screen fast its restarts, open apps its restarts… hope make some sense guys with firmware and try to give best firmware with your efforts and hardware… i have lil hope on you for another turko cfw release with more bug fixing and hardwork

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