Android 4.1 on Samsung waves Delayed


Its been quite a long time that we got our First working Android ICS 4.0.4 by Mike, rebellos and nbates. But Wavers were left alone in the dark after that. with no network connection, android is just a pseudo operating system or a parasite which thrives on your battery and does nothing good. But we did have some ecperience with android. And we are really thankful to all the developers.

Was it a mistake to buy a samsung wave device? is it truly a Smartphone? well we all must have thought about it. Since it never did justice to the hardware. And now i don’t think Samsung even remembers Wave or Bada os.

Lately we have come to know that Mike has stopped developing for Wave for some reason. He continues to build his beloved Android 4.1 for Sony Neo V. I personally made thousands tweets to him, but none were replied back.

One of the users at Badadroid happen  to email him and voila, he got a one liner reply

Mikegapinksi – “Ask Rebellos About it”


Then He happened to Ask Rebellos regarding Badadroid. and guess what, one more One liner


Rebellos – ” Wave 2 LCD driver yet to be configured”


Well those were shocking Replies. But anyways, apart from mike, people like nbates, tigrouzen and others at XDA are constantly working on SD card update. so that the android system can at least mount our external SD cards. Looking at the thread it seems they are nearing the development of SD card mounting. But still no updates regarding the Modem on wave.


The whole problem lies with Bada. The Phone will Die if we try to keep Android alone. And the ROOT cause of this is SAMSUNG. Samsung never made Bada opensource like Android. Hence the bootloaders, kernels, everything has to be rebuilt. And its not a joke to create your own operating system.

If developers are doing it, you should thank them for doing it. Since they don’t charge you for it.


Rumors are roaming around saying the next beta android version will be available for Download in the late august or september. no ETA yet and there will be no ETA.

Patience is the key to success.


Best Regards

Deepak Kaku ‘DK’


34 thoughts on “Android 4.1 on Samsung waves Delayed

  1. BLUR

    sad ….. but that my luck for choosing samsung wave ….. but anyway …. thanks for the fantastic work for porting android …..

  2. TrooperFX

    why will the phone die with android actually??

    if its a 100% smooth & optimized running and also full rom (nothing misses).

    then why not delete bada?
    and set the main os to android, so if it crashes it can get recovered. just like bada with flashing it.

      1. TrooperFX

        lol, can you just e-mail me at: [email protected]

        because i dont use facebook (just for spam things) and i dont have gtalk

  3. Harsh

    Wave has no future and these devs know that. With a blind eye towrds us, we have nothing we can do. Just sell ur crap way and swear that you will never experiment with an OS anywhere in future.. :(

    1. kikolo

      it works but the problem is that most of apps are installed on “internal” memory which is 100MB and 50MB is already taken by system or something else and even if you install it to sd card it still takes up some space on internal memory :/

    2. hellgate

      after porting this zImage, it cannot load the os,. stuck in badaroid logo. i have tried copy and replace but same. i think is a joke….

  4. Andreas

    unfortunately it worked once and for a while. I installed Navigon, I downloaed all the stuff that i needs and worked for a while. When i closed Navigon and started again, didn’t work.

  5. waveguru

    Hey DK,

    “Was it a mistake to buy a samsung wave device? is it truly a Smartphone? well we all must have thought about it. Since it never did justice to the hardware. And now i don’t think Samsung even remembers Wave or Bada os.”

    Those lines were really awesome.i think every waver at least once have thought about it.

    But as you mentioned,real problem is not devs which are working on andriod port,real problem is SAMSUNG….They never cared about waves..even when we payed them….
    another problem is Bada community..they always worked in isolation…not as unity…
    on 28th feb,badahub celebrated whatsapp day….and we got good response from wavers…
    DK,its time to do such thing again….to ask samsung…
    1. why they are not making bada opensource.
    2. will Samsung provide tizen to older waves.
    3. why only 1 buggy update in 1.5 years.
    4. why there are no news about bada or wave???

    DK,i want you to take this initiative ….to unite people…atleast we will reach to the 1 million wavers…if not 10 millions…for any help i am with you…


    1. TrooperFX

      am i the only one who cried??

      ps: if our phones had android, it would be sold for 400-500 euro instead of 300 (when it was released)

      i bought it for 130 euro and it was the best phone under the 160 euro.

      no android maybe, but the hardware was better than the other phones


    Thats just very sad , but yet intsalling ICS was a milestone , no worriers for the JB delay , we can wait , but thanks developers , respect.

  7. TrooperFX

    this android sucks more than bada.

    bada is better in hd games (till now im speaking)
    the android doesnt support whatsapp (WTF??)
    problems with sd card.
    data lost.
    many times not responding (like internet, and big apps)
    and of course the things that hasnt finished yet, but that doesnt matter till now

    1. Dk Post author

      it is because you havent used Android for real
      Android is way better than Bada

      you can say badadroid sucks.

      because badadroid is still incomplete

      1. TrooperFX

        i have also a android phone (xperia ray)
        almost same phone.

        but i said THIS android sucks. and i mean polishblood.

        even 2.2.1 froyo was better, but 2.2.1 needed some fixes like full touch support (at my only worked once lol)
        also the 2.2.1 needed ram fix because it always used 110 mb for the system itselfe and there was about 100mb left. not good.

      2. hellgate

        hey bro DK, as we all know that BADA has no future & Samsung is not going to update it or us. can you so arrange a Petition like ” MAKE BADA OPENSOURCE OR GIVE THAT SOURCE CODES FOR MODEM DRIVER & SD CARD TO OUR DEVS.
        thank you

  8. modsa

    Fuck Samsung wave! Big props to the people trying to develop on it and make it work, but I really feel sorry for normal consumers like us who can’t do anything about this joke of a phone. I’m not going to get into how much Samsung have fucked us around – but they have. I just got an iPhone (thank god!) and won’t be reading this blog anymore. Thank you to the creator and good luck to all you users still putting up with this shit!

  9. montu

    maa chudane jaaye sab wave…. fek do sab saale third class phone.. which doesn’t have.. adobe flash support..and ya flash lite sucks,, not even hardcore games like emulators and above all no VOIP like skype, viber.. etc.. wave sucks…………………………no need to blame developers .. they have done a great job by porting even the beta version of android.. but now its time to forget wave.. .. forget the power packed hardware and super amoled screen with such a liitle amount of money.. coz chutiye samsung guys charges lot of money for same hardware and for giving android in it.. saale samsung ki maa ka land

  10. sandy

    i think it is the time to move to an androphone instead of waiting for badadroid to complete. bcoz the ram of wave is very low compared to other phones like xperia neo and what gpu wave uses is also not sure.

    even if the project succedes the phone will only be for web browsing and mild gaming.

    by by wave R.I.P

  11. sandy

    sahi bol rahe ho montu bhaiyya ye hardware ki lalach se hi ye phone se chutkara nahi milta kyuki aisa piece ab nahi banta.

  12. Shibashis Mallik

    Please tell me when the BADAROID will be launched for Wave Y…………
    I’m eagerly waiting for it..
    plz quickly reply….

    1. hellgate

      never…. fuck bada+sumsung(like us)
      go for another phone. DEVs sre wasting their time. they will never gonna break that MODEM code either mounting the SD card.(but so far they have done a great job, so max respect from me)
      its time for Samsung to show some respect to their valuable customer by making BADA opensource or give that MODEM codes to DEVs.
      till then keep FUCKING SAMSUNG WITH A BAMBOO……
      sincerely,,,,,,,,, wave I user

  13. Satish

    i tried lot to get android on my wave 2 any version. but nothing worked, no porting, no flashing, nothing. finally i am going to sell it for 4500rs. the phone which cost is 17k just selling with low cost. then also its people are not agree to take it with this price. then just think how worst the OS is. this all goes to samsung that making of such a worst OS and sell to customers with high price.
    Samsung is now the top competitor in market because of Googles android OS. other then that they dont have any knowledge of developing on their own OS. I can say they are losers. As compair to Nokia and apple. they have their own OS and they are concentrating with their OS to develop every day.

  14. Surendra Kumar

    guys, dont go for Tizen phones… and tell your friends also not to buy Tizen phones… The Tizen phones market has to go down, only then Samsung will know/understand the pains… and more over what’s the guarantee that Samsung wont repeat the same with Tizen phones as they did with Bada phones..? They are just making money..!

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