Android Jelly Bean Theme

This is the android jelly bean theme made by which makes your Samsung wave mobile phone look like an android 4.1 (Jelly bean).

It has always been a pleasure for us to download themes made by this author and from the screenshot it looks like this one is also a great theme.



15 thoughts on “Android Jelly Bean Theme

  1. TrooperFX

    nice widget also, can you make the needed space smaller??
    so we can set the clock in the middle, or like now, but that we can set apps at the right side

  2. hellgate

    man we don’t need JellyBean theme. give us the update news about BadaRoied Jelly Bean Project.
    is there any work in progress of Jelly Bean project???? is there anybody really working on it??? from 24th July till now there is NO NEWS ABOUT THAT JELLY BEAN PROJECT………….. seems like its gone….

  3. Firinge

    I don’t think Jelly Bean or some update with reference to modem will ever happen to wave devices so don’t expect the update.

    1. TrooperFX

      did you copied the smt file to the map ‘others’ from your phone memory? (mass storage mode)

      then go to themes and you will see it.

      to delete, i recomment to delete it from the phone, but first use the standard theme before deleting it.

      otherwise, use standard theme, then plug in your phone (mass storage) look again at the map ‘others’ in your phone memory and you will see your .smt file. delete that

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