Assassin’s creed 3 v2.0 [Theme With flash lock] for wave 1/2/3



The Most awaited theme For Samsung bada 2.0 “Assassin’s Creed” is here with Flash lock. Superb graphics and seamless transitions.

Now you can enjoy this Assassin creed theme. you will notice the symbolic weapon of assassin creed in all of its icons. Download this Spectacular theme and enjoy this theme. Assassin’s creed will rule your wave.

This theme comes in two versions. this version is with Flash lock



Thank you


Deepak Kaku ‘DK’

Fb page dedicated for android port – Badadroid


6 thoughts on “Assassin’s creed 3 v2.0 [Theme With flash lock] for wave 1/2/3

  1. read me

    day and day this site is just becoming useless.
    it only providing themes and not news from badadroid project or bada applications

    i think porting android on wave 2 is impossible
    and finally i decided to sell my wave 2 device.and buy some android one.

    just useless site now only providing themes

    by changing themes we cant change phone os


    bye forever bada os and badahub

    1. vishal

      bbye and never come back u disrespecting, unfaithful thankless **** ..if u can’t be patient then go n buy an android device and then complain about porting it to tizen or any other new OS in the market

  2. TrooperFX

    the lockscreen is awesome. can you send the flash file to [email protected]??

    and if you have the ics icons, can you send them too??

    or where can i download them??

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