BAD News For All Wavers


Hey Guys, i just get this from our chatbox Fri Aug 3, 2:42pm
“Assassinatingmachine: bad news for alll wavers
“Assassinatingmachine: the developer who developed android slim has traded his wave and bought another phone
“Assassinatingmachine: so v have lost 1 developer

This is a loss but not a huge loss this developer helped in the project by making the Slim Rom which was based on the Mike’s Android 4.0 Rom and also tweaked that Rom to run smoothly.We hope that he comes back and help in modding the new Rom as soon as mike completes it.

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  • qwert

    What the hell are you telling us ??
    No one developped the slim rom specially for wave
    it ‘s just an user from xda who adapted the orginal rom for wave..
    And yes anghelyi traded his phone and no more updates from him in the future.

  • TrooperFX

    dk was the developer of the slim rom

    • abhishek

      lol joking ?Dk just passed on the news!ANGHELYI was also not the developer of slim rom…the original slim rom was created by krarvind for galaxy s.He(anghelyi) copied files from dat galaxy s zip folder(i don’t remember the names) n put it on the ICS made by michal gapinski,rebellos,nbates ,b.kubica ,Oleg_k etc…Ofcourse credits should be given to anghelyi as well for the effort he took.But if Adfree knew about it,he would have done the same job or tigrouzen…Regards

  • Flingueur

    Fake !

  • abhishek

    IT’s true dat agnhelyi traded his wave…But he said he’ll keep d thread alive…

  • TrooperFX

    agnhelyi trade his wave. DK the developer from the slim rom has still his wave

    and its maybe fake, dk/agnhelyi would have post it by himself

    • abhishek

      trooper u lost ur mind or wat ?How can you say dat Dk created the slim rom for wave ?Dk passed on the news from the xda-developers’ forum when anghelyi created the slim rom for wave!.Yes we should credit Dk as well because he created those videos of slim rom and uploaded it on youtube! Congratz Dk !

  • xLilice98x

    it’s veru NUL

  • subha

    when will the wave 3 users get the opportunity to use android on our wave 3 ???
    plz guys do something
    bada 2.0 is soooooooooooo boooooring

  • Bharat

    subha i guess u need not worry as anywys ur wave 3 will get TIZEN update

  • sandy

    the slim version had turned many of my bada apps to skeleton. got rid of it very soon

    • TrooperFX

      i know what you have to do.

      when you change something at bada, restart your phone a couple times. then you can use android. i had lost 4 pics, but when i did this i had them.