Badadroid Progress for Samsung wave 1/2/3

 badadroid dk


Its been more than a month now and only samsung wave 1(GT-S8500) users have tasted the android on their smartphones. Well for the namesake its a smartphone lol.

Jokes apart. Badadroid is a serious project and no one is joking around especially when it comes to “No android for wave 2/3” and all.

Till now the progress is just not noticeable where we left at Android ICS 4.0.4 and Slim ICS rom. The developer mikegapinksi happens to be out for vacations almost like for lifetime now. No updates from him yet.

Some say he is working on Sony ericcson Neo v, walkman live and other mobile phones. Wave is also apparently a part of his routine.

So all we can do is wait for him to come with an update which he has stopped for a while now. Last we heard from him was that he was working on Android jelly bean and the lcd driver for wave 2 to work with his polish blood ics build.

One of our fans of badadroid page named Govind Krishnan happened to ask Oleg_k the creator of lcd driver of wave 2. Here is what he replied.

i still don’t understand why he removed the uneccsary part. but here it is

Rejoice WAVE 3 users.


Apparently wave 2 has disappeared from the news lately. no developer has updaed anything about wave 2. i feel wave 2 is on its way. You might like to check out this XDA thread for news about wave 1/wave2 here

Surely for now we cant say anything, really anything about Android’s future on wave. Samsung has made all wave users orphans with no choice left. Either trade your wave or wait for android port. Many have already traded their wave smartphones for an Android device.

Today an update appeared from one of the developers, Rebellos on XDA.


SD Card handling has been fixed.
Big kudos goes to volk204 for pointing out proper change and nbates66 for testing out all my weird stuff.
Here’s prebuilt kernel for S8500:
I can proudly announce that all major kernel bugs unrelated to modem are fixed. 

Well that zimage is being tested by me now and i will let you guys know if it works well with the current android ICS on samsung wave 1 S8500

That’s all folks. From my side. please be patient and donot panic. Wait for a the developers to relaese.

kudos wavers.


P.S “please donot flood post asking when will we get android. there is no ETA and there will be no ETA. No specific dates are specified. So please please please wait. im here to update everyone around here.




Deepak kaku ‘DK’

official fb fan page for badadroid – Badadroid


51 thoughts on “Badadroid Progress for Samsung wave 1/2/3

    1. Dk Post author

      yes, but i didnt test it
      you can test it

      PS you will have to rename polis blood.img to system.img

      with polish blood it goes into infinite loop

  1. TrooperFX

    sd not working at mine.

    i have the standard 2 gb card that you get with the wave phone.
    (sandisk 2gb gk1)

    i have 1.2 gb free space but android says i have 400 mb (188mb used)

        1. Dk Post author

          i was using slim rom but went back to polish blood

          now renamed polis_blood_nightly to system.img
          and using it

          but sd card support is not there

          1. TrooperFX

            why did you get back to the original??

            its ddeffinitely slower with booting.

            and you can always download a launcher if you dont like the one from slim rom


    its great , but i feel sympathy and guilty cuz i have android on my wave 1 but itd unavailable for my fellow wavers :/ , hope they get soon , and i get jellybean :)

    1. TrooperFX

      if you are developer of slim rom (like many guy say).
      can you make a slim android 4.1? (if its released)

      and can you make the sd card support working with the current slim rom 4.0.4?

  3. Abdo1234

    I guess i will wait badadroid until it’s release .
    cause i have no choice , i can’t trade my wave 2 because i bought it just 6 months old
    so no other choice for me… just waiting

    1. Dk Post author

      can you please tell us what procedure you followed with polish blood
      so that everyone can enjoy sd card support

      also tell which sd card you have and of wat memory and class

      and step by step procedure if you can

  4. Prince

    Didnt work on my wave. i hv tried this image with both polish blood (changing the name to system) and slim rom.

    can any one plz tell how to make it work????

    Thnnx in advance…

  5. Paulo

    hey guys, what’s the best android to install on wave 1?
    there’s one that work network??

    i’m excited about using a full working android on my wave!

    great job guys!!

    thank you

  6. abhishek


    1. Dk Post author

      i think copying and repacking is also an art
      and we respect his knowledge

      for us he is a savior and we will call him an elite developer

  7. Andreas

    I select settings and then storage. After that i received a message that the app settings have terminated. Any comments?

  8. amit

    Guys dont expect so much from them…it was our mistake that we bought wave2…yaa its true that nowdays even phones ranging in 4k-6k hav android in them…and we did spend 15K for wave2…..thts a waste you can say…but cant help it….only way to get rid of bada is buy a new android phone…..its simple to say this..but now a days phones hav turned out to be expensive…..but thts d soln…save money and buy a good android phone…!!!

  9. cirios83

    I dont understand what is your problem with Bada.Android is better of course but Bada is not bad OS.It’s fast,you can record calls,you can play good games.You can watch youtube videos.You can install paid apps without pay them (on high end WAVE phones). I have S8500 from 2 years i dont regret i bought it.Learn to be happy with what you got and live your life.In life you cant always have the best.

  10. Pingback: Podpora pam??ových karet na androidu 4.0.4 pro wave? | Opera?ní systém Bada

  11. Aditya4115

    Dam cn u plzzz work on a single android for full suprt..
    we are downloading many typz of android.. lyk jelly beans n polish blood.. blaa blaa.. bt we are not able to call or msgzzz so 1st you make a perfect one then play chlnge wid ordzzzz…..

  12. Shibashis Mallik


  13. Manh

    what happened with wave3. I think n? so many people have it. but they can’t make badaroid for it.?
    I’t too difficult or samsung have used some kind of Chip not suitable with android.
    If anyone know it.Plz tell me why

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