Bada’s First Voip App Viber Coming Soon

So after we contacted Viber many months ago we got to know that viber is developing a voip app for Samsung bada users and the told us that it will be released before this month ends.

You can read it here :

And now it looks like we are just about to get Viber for our waves as there was a test upload of the app to the Samsung apps but it was removed after some time.

The same thing happened with angry birds app and then it was released after a week. So we will hope that Viber  will be released and will be available for download soon for all waves within a week or 2.

From the test upload we got the below information about the app.


Send free text and photo messages to other Viber users, anywhere and to any device on the fly!

With Viber, you can send text and high-quality photo messages, and share locations with other Viber users, anytime, anywhere- for free!

Viber for Bada has a light and easy to use interface. No registration, passwords or invitations required.

Viber has an easy setup and syncs with your address book to give you the complete Viber experience.

*Messages may use your data plan

But as you all know it is not available for download just now so wait for it we will provide the download link so be patient till the final release. We will provide you the download link as soon as possible.



So the third screenshot shows us that there will be a VoIP feature in the app and it was also confirmed by Viber that they will provide a full Viber to bada with all the features. So we hope that the final release is a bug free version with a VoIP feature as promised.

So just wait for the final download link. Till then you can see the temporary download link form below and see how it will look like.

Temporary download link


23 thoughts on “Bada’s First Voip App Viber Coming Soon

  1. nilaksh

    plzzzzzzzz launch as soon as u can and we also request launch of viber to followed by whtsapp tht wuld make all the wave users happy…………………………………..

  2. Viber


    This is a member of the Viber R&D Team!

    Viber for Bada is under development :)

    We promise to keep you posted on our FB and Twitter page.

    If you have any question about Viber – please feel free to ask.
    Thanks in advance,
    Viber Team

    1. Stanley Loong

      I will appreciate Viber R&D Team to develop Viber for Bada. Thanks you in advance !!! I will wait for your final version of Viber Bada (with free call feature). Thanks again !!!

  3. Nermin

    When can we expect to Viber BADA 2.0.
    And I might have made ??a beta version to download somewhere???
    Thank you!
    Do all countries of the world will be able to have the Viber badi because I am in my country a lot of apps can not use (Montenegro) state

    1. Viber

      Unfortunately we still don’t have specific release dates.
      We’re working around the clock to complete Viber for Bada soon, and once we have news we will announce it on our official Facebook page.

  4. Viber


    We are excited to announce that Viber for Bada (messaging) has finally been released, at this stage only for Wave M and Wave 3 devices.

    It can be found on Samsung Apps :)

    We’d love to get your feedback and thoughts, and we will continue to work developing Viber for Bada in future versions.

    Best regards,
    the Viber Team.

  5. donyakins10

    you can use it also in wave 1.. just get in kies but before you get it change the phone to wave 3 so that you can download it in your account, then using youre wave 1 open samsung apps then my page then click downloads, then find the viber that you downloaded then install.. thats it..done

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