Did you try the Google Handwriting Search yet on Android [Samsung wave 1]

One more perk for Android Users. Now Enjoy Google Handwrite Searches.


People who are using Android must have figured out by now this feature which google has come up with. The next Level of Gesture Recognition. Yup write anywhere, anything and it will recognize what letter you have written.

Since im using Samsung wave, this feature seems a little slow. But i am sure you will love this thing.


This feature is more of Searching while relaxing when you have all the time in your world.


I have a created A video Review of this feature.

Hope you like it. Enjoy

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IF you still missing Android here is the video on how to Install Android on Samsung wave 1

Hope you like My post


Deepak Kaku ‘DK’

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8 thoughts on “Did you try the Google Handwriting Search yet on Android [Samsung wave 1]

  1. sivakumar

    Guys I am using S8500 with bada 2.01. I contineously receiving SMS Push Message and i didnt find any option to stop the Push SMS message. If anybody knew about that please share it with me.

  2. omivier13

    take the message and slide it. You will see some options. The third option will block the sender :) Sry 4 my bad english but i’m french

  3. prashant

    useless effort due to speed, so there is no meaning if you r developing something and that can not match with hardware and software with phone…..come buddy why you people want to change bada to andriod if we will get lots of bugs and delay in normal day use…no need to show your creativity…if u hv idea ti optimize bada in good way……..go and do it.
    even you will also not use bada phone after change it into android…..it is big headache…..

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