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Its a great day for me as my Themes have been finally listed in samsungapps store.

I Initially started off with a realistic snow fall Theme with a real gravity engine. And now i work on 3D snow effect with same gravity engine.

Next step was to create a Cyanogen Mod Theme for wave to get you the feeling of Cyanogen mod on our wave devices.

Then i came up with a JellyBean Google search bar Widget which is also listed in samsungapps now.

The Snowfall theme has been a great success till now and i decided to launch a free version of snowfall theme. The Snowfall Lite theme will soon be available as it is under the process of certification.



Theme #1

Snowfall by Dk


With Snowflake Unlock System



Theme #2

Cyanogen Bada by DK


Featuring Slide the Rocket/ Throw The Rocket to Unlock System on Waves.



People who want to support me can buy my themes

They are welcome


Due to Samsung’s new policy at seller office, Developers have been restricted to develop themes for Samsung Wave 1 and Samsung wave 2 for the time being, and these themes are only available to Wave 3 users. As soon as Samsung removes this restriction, i will update the Themes on Samsungapps too.



Jelly Bean Search Bar on Samsung Wave






P.S : It takes lot of pains and dedication to make these themes and i would strongly disagree with free distribution of the themes. I would surely come up with free themes in future.


Best Regards

Deepak kaku ‘DK’






24 thoughts on “DK Themes – Designing Future

  1. Squid

    1. DK you are full of shit
    2. spoofing doesn’t work at all
    3. and time to create yor Theams is cca 15 min with exporting


    Dear abhishek , all i know is , i dont kno who are you , and DK is the one responsible for awesome tuning of my Samsung wave , if you are really that great , consider taking some initiative , cause for me DK is a winner , and you are a shithead , :)

  3. Squid

    You Talkin’ me?
    since when is themes creator developer tool

    ” i never create any spoof links
    i give them on demand that too from other sources
    because people want it ”

    and i was one too and i bolived u so i put that ting in my phone
    and my sim card doesn’t work
    next time you post something keep that in mind because you messed (Fuck)up peoples phones

  4. xLilice998x

    payant! 2 euro pour un theme!! dsl mais avec 2 euro on a de quoi se payer un magazine ou une glace!
    Si c’est pour passer dans le commerce, très peu pour moi… :(

  5. Dk

    All I know is if these themes would have been free no one would have even commented and quietly would have downloaded and would also start using
    Just because its paid people started abusing me and my work. This shows your respect for me. I shall not put any work of mine over hence forth. As it is I gave up my wave and I use android now. You guys enjoy bada. Bye

  6. Pooria

    Yes i thoughting right . You Can’t Boot Android For Wave II . we are at the , you just come here for buying your themes .
    its so clear you can’t focus on your purpose .


    if you are agree you are developer of android for wave II show me your works . release your beta version for wave II !!!


  7. Squid

    i never said that he is idiot

    But themes are not developed they are created with jpg. images or png icons

    U my friend (DK) put 2 swf. files instead of 2 jpg. with stock icons and demande money 4 that so cold work
    WTF. 4

  8. dilip55

    Dk don’t leave plz and don’t give up Wave for some absolutely rubbish and stupid guys (very few) who are good for nothing ,they always spoil rather create.I appreciate your work u have done for Waves.

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