Echoprint Music Recognition Application for Bada 2.0

echoprint music recogniton


Do you miss Shazam, or track ID? so here is one open source project for us to recognize music. This application is like Shazam or Track Id and recognizes the playing music live.

Echoprint is an open source music identification system that allows anyone to build music fingerprinting into their application. It is powered by The Echo Nest, in partnership with Musicbrainz.

This application from bada is based on Echoprint algorithms. this project is opensource now.

To let you recognize music you will have to record for atleast 20-30 secs.

The results are not 100% since the echoprint database is new.



Its free and available on samsung apps.



Deepak Kaku ‘Dk’

Get yours now on samsung apps


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  • redislaw

    Doesn’t work at all…

    • Dk

      it will work for popular songs i guess
      did u record for 30 secs??

      • Dk

        try famous english songs, may be akon or someone

  • TrooperFX

    lol. it would never work if you play remixes :D

  • tayeb05

    thank you

  • asd

    and where is the reference of