Ghost Towns: The Cats Of Ulthar


The traveller arrives in a strange city Ulthar.Citizens of Ulthar worshipped cats from ancient times…The town seems deserted.All citizens gathered in the main Square.Their eyes are burning with hate.They want to trial the offender-little black-haired Menes.What did he do and why citizens are so angry at him?-We have to find,wandering through the rainy streets of the town,invented bu Howard Lovecraft

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6 thoughts on “Ghost Towns: The Cats Of Ulthar

  1. sivakumar

    Doubt regarding boot screen change.

    how to connect the phone. is it in normal way like Kies mode?
    On Phone, how to come back from download mode to normal mode in case if you are not willing to flash firmware.. Is it necessary to change the phone to download mode even if you change only the rsrc2 files

  2. satishkumar

    yes it is neccesary to get the phone in download mode to flash rsrc2 file. Remove the battery and place it again to exit the download mode. Now u can switch on your phone normally.

  3. sivakumar

    Thanks Satishkumar… I have little doubt.. When you connect the phone in kies mode. After open the multiloader, when we click the port search, i will get a image showing download software donot disconnect the usb. Is it ok to go further and install the rsrc or else need to change it to download mode before connecting with pc..

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