How to Change Boot Image on Wave 1 and Wave 2 [Tutorial by Dk]

wave boot image by dk

Hi guys, i have created this tutorial so that you can change the boot image of our wave smartphones. Bored with the same old Samsung wave boot image? spice it up with your own image.

You will need the following things to start with it.

1)    Wave Remaker

2)    A 480×800 Bitmap image (24bit or 16bit)

3)    Rsrc2 (low) file from your firmware files you downloaded for bada 2.0



Here are the steps.

1)    Get the Rsrc2(low) file from your bunch of firmware files of bada 2.0.

2)    Start Wavemaker software

3)    Select the second tab “ .Rc2 View “

4)    Now drag your Rcsrc2(low) file to the left side pane of wave remaker.

5)    Click on Imgae>Open image

6)    Now select the 480X800 sized bitmap image you have

7)    With the first file still selected click on Image> Change Image

8)    Go to File>Save File As>Debug Level=0

9)    Now it will pop the window asking for a name so give the original name which it had before. For example I have wave 1 S8500 so its name was “Rsrc2_S8500(Low).rc2”

10)  Open Multiloader, then just select rsrc2 tab and select the rsrc2 file you modified.

11)  Port search> Download.

Enjoy the new Boot Image


Any problems follow the video below

Boot Image change video




Deepak kaku ‘Dk’



Wave remaker – DOWNLOAD

Wave 1 Boot images – DOWNLOAD

Wave2 Boot Images – DOWNLOAD

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  • raj

    any info on android for wave 2…really tired of waiting :(

  • mdk

    yes raj

  • ozal

    good one..thanks DK :)

  • anonymous

    answer about android on wave2

  • http://noweb soulijanh

    thank you DK

  • vinod

    what about wave 2…

    • Dk

      it works with wave 2 as well

  • amar

    thanks DK, it is really helpful. I was really waiting for this stuff..

  • http:// tayeb5

    very good DK

  • Dark_star

    Thank you again Deepak kaku !

  • richard170692

    thx DK, but there is another bug in the picture .. cut, so it does not match the resolution .. can be resolved? I will try to help :)

    • TrooperFX

      i get some grey stripes at my wave remaker whith my pic (converted to .bmp of course)

      but thats kind a weird

  • ahmad123

    DK you are amazing

  • khaled rababah

    done new image

  • Taxidriver05

    Sorry…! Is there really a need for a tutorial?
    Changing the boot image is really simple for everyone, who can handle with WR…
    Who can’t, shouldn’t touch boot image… ;)

    • Dk

      Not everyone is a pro here
      they need a good tutorial
      so if you know it already
      good for you

      • Taxidriver05

        Sorry… It shouldn’t seem aggressive to you…
        But I ask myself…
        If anybody does not really know that you can modify this, will he be willing to change this screen.
        And those who knows about, will know it…

        It’s not about the Tut… It’s good… But i don’t know if it is really necessary…

  • TrooperFX

    how did you get it so high quality??

    when im converting the png to bmp with photoshop or online converter, it gets grey stripes at wave remaker. but when i convert with paint, it works, but the quality is very low with fade/vintage

  • xLilice98x

    Comment avoir le fihier .rce???
    Please help me! :( :( :( :(

  • xLilice98x

    J’ai rien dit vraiment super!!! :D :D :D
    Est-ce que tu pourrai nous donnez encore d’autre image de démarage pour samsung wave 1 et 2???
    ça serai sympa! :)

  • sajith

    hey i am using our orginal turkey firmware (s8530JVLC2).i cant flash it now & unable to phone didnt detect i kies.
    now ii enter into download mode ,the multiloader showing an error “failed to open serialport in downloadex”…………..
    help me plz………………………..i want to chnge my firmware………………….help me

  • xLilice98x

    Pour plus d’image de démarage pour samsung wave 2:


    Thanks its awesome :)

  • Elania (Brasil)

    Very good. I managed to do the installation. You that being an image in the real value of 480×800, or else he/she doesn’t enter.
    I speak that, why made my own image. I thought it was legal, since I am not professional in the subject.
    He/she would like to know how to show in the site.
    Congratulations for the wonderful work that you do here.
    Excuse English because I am Brazilian. I am using a translator.

  • mkL

    Génial! Awsome!
    J’ai fait mon image, changé le tout, et c’est parfait!

  • nikhil

    @ dk,pls make for wave y also.

  • Jatin

    how can i change the boot screen of my WAVE II which runs on official formware(india’s) and i dont want to flash it either..?

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  • hitesh

    please give me the link for rsrc2 file for wave y :(

  • aakash salunke

    please give me the link for rsrc2 file for wave 2