Htc Analog Clock Widget


 Another HTC Clock Widget by the same developer Abhi.

Nice beautiful widget which gives the old feel of Htc ,

because this analog clock has been used by htc for a long time

So download it and try it.

Wave 525 (Bada 1.0)
Wave 533 (Bada 1.0)
Wave 575 (Bada 1.0)
Wave 578 (Bada 1.0)
Wave 723 (Bada 1.0)
S5380 Wave Y (Bada 2.0)
S7250 Wave M (Bada 2.0)
Wave II (Bada 2.0)
Wave III (Bada 2.0)
Wave S8500 (Bada 2.0)



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