iPhone Theme for Samsung wave 1/2/3

   bada 2.0 theme


the best iPhone theme for samsung wave cellphone!!

having great High Resolution icons and Wallpaper.


20120803142713 20120803142723

20120803142807 20120803142825


19 thoughts on “iPhone Theme for Samsung wave 1/2/3

  1. Saurabh

    I have Wave 3 and I am unable to install this theme by following the given instructions. whenever I try to install it shows an error “Unsupported File Type”. File name is – iphone.smt

    Please suggest….

  2. ithrynet

    there is no smt file. i confirme again, there is just a zip file. When we unzip it, we find a lot of files. No smt file. how we could install it..

  3. chuon

    please the zip file i downloaded and change extention to smt ; put it in phone but still no use please envoir de smt ficher.

  4. pranal

    download the file with internet explorer it will download in smt format and copy to ‘OTHERS’ folder in phone memory

  5. vong

    it work now . Thanks Pranal i used to download from safari browser it gave me zip file.That great one theme with full hd theme thanks alot to owner .

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