iPhone Theme for Samsung wave 1/2/3

   bada 2.0 theme


the best iPhone theme for samsung wave cellphone!!

having great High Resolution icons and Wallpaper.


20120803142713 20120803142723

20120803142807 20120803142825


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  • sky

    how to install it, it’s zip type file???

  • Eu

    change the extension from zip in smt

  • sky

    how can i do that????

  • xLilice98x

    il faut telecharger WinZip ou WinRar et apres tu extrai le fichier .smt et tu le met sur ton telephone

  • Paulo


    if u change the lockscreen it’ll be perfect!

  • Saurabh

    I have Wave 3 and I am unable to install this theme by following the given instructions. whenever I try to install it shows an error “Unsupported File Type”. File name is – iphone.smt

    Please suggest….

  • raunak

    how to install it. i downloaded in smt format..

  • ithry

    in the zip file a lot of files.. How we can install the theme???

  • Saurabh

    would anybody b kind enough to answer my above mentioned question….

  • pranal

    just copy smt file in phone memory ‘others’ folder

    • Krishna

      Got u………tnx :D

  • ithrynet

    there is no smt file. i confirme again, there is just a zip file. When we unzip it, we find a lot of files. No smt file. how we could install it..

  • Eu

    just change file from extension zip in smt, then copy in phone and voila :)

  • chuon

    please the zip file i downloaded and change extention to smt ; put it in phone but still no use please envoir de smt ficher.

  • pranal

    download the file with internet explorer it will download in smt format and copy to ‘OTHERS’ folder in phone memory

  • Abbin

    Theme is good but it takes more power

  • vong

    it work now . Thanks Pranal i used to download from safari browser it gave me zip file.That great one theme with full hd theme thanks alot to owner .

  • Harsh

    Great theme.. Classic HD wallpaper and icons.. Keep up the good work.

  • ramin

    if u change this lockscreen to fabrick iphone lockscreen it be perfect
    thenk you