Jelly Bean for Samsung Wave 1 (a.k.a S-8500) to be Out Soon


Jelly Bean is gonna be out soon for the Samsung Wave 1. The Famous Polish-Blood Project is out for Xperia Neo V and the developer is up on nightly.

Get ready for JB on your device.

For More info :-





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  • One

    driver working ?


      Sorry but still under developing

  • yudish

    no working modem driver yet i bet .

  • maziar

    and wave 2…!!
    when andriod com for wave 2…!!

  • xLilice98x

    Snif Snif on a develloper android pour le wave 1 et le wave 3….
    Et le wave 2 tout le monde l’a oublier! snif :( :( :(
    Je croyais que le wave 3 ├ętait plus performent que le wave 2 et pourtant il existe des tutoriels pour le wave 3…..
    Une seule question:
    POURQUOI???????? :(

  • Smolir

    will this jelly bean for Wave 1 be a version that a user can now call to another person send SMS, MMS?


      Dev’s are still working on the Modem driver. So please wait

  • TrooperFX

    what are the improvenements??


      -Updated to Jelly Bean
      -Kernel updated with incr patches
      -Voodoo sound suport in kernel
      -Bringing Simple I/O in kernel
      -Undervolted cpu a little – less power consumption
      -I am also testing BFS but that still needs improvments
      -Android Recovery added
      -Data and Cache is moved to other partition by script like on 2.2

      As per by the Developer

  • TrooperFX

    Look at the first 2 pics!!

    the battery bug must be fixed and sim card support also!!

    you can see there is no ‘!’ at the battery and at the bottom of the second pic there is the word ‘Orange’. that is the provider of mike gapinski!!

    so whatsapp must be working on it i hope!!

    • Dk

      Dude these pics are of sony xperia Neo v
      not wave


      Dude it’s the Xperia Neo V Build
      The build for the Wave is still to be out

  • TrooperFX

    here you go my friends. this is the rom!!

    (link from description)

    • TrooperFX

      ps: this is nightly 2 built. waiting for built 3

      • Dk

        this link is for sony xperia neo v
        dun misguide people
        its a flashable zip file
        to be installed with CWM

        • TrooperFX

          it says on xda.

          • TrooperFX

            ah, but why you post the sony xda forum here?? we are bada

          • Dk

            its not my post buddy. check. its by 0065

  • Ankit Gandhi

    People, use common sense. Modem drivers WILL not be developed for Badadroid project. Calls wont work. Why? It is pretty obvious. Once modem drivers are developed for the waves after that developer will stop getting donations. This has happened earlier and this will be happening in future as well. So dont expect modem drivers for wave.

  • arlar lar lar

    haha you fool ! how would you know that modem drivers are not be available for wave ? your not even a DEVELOPER ! FOOL ! just STFU HATER

  • romeo

    I guess all the pictures are of XPERIA NEO and not of wave !!!Trooper gone mad I guess!!!lol…The images are not of wave and AFAIK der will b no modem driver n battery(fuel)guage for wave for d time being.

    • TrooperFX

      lol, didnt see it. but i hope somebody want to make those drivers and battery charging.

      i want to do that, but i dont know much about programming.

  • TrooperFX

    quothe mike:
    Nightly 3 is scheduled for tomorrow morning with following changelog:

    Changelog Nightly 3:

    Fixed Google Now force closing
    Added working FM radio
    Switched to CM’s audio modules for FM(may bring louder audio)
    Disabled hardware key backlight
    Fixed automatic brightness
    Added Torch

    I also want to fix sdcard fully, but donno if my fix will work

    cant wait for release 3!!


      GODDAMNIT !!
      thats for the Xperia Neo V Build Dude !!

    • Dk

      can you give the link where you read all this

  • ghulamsubhani

    there is no version for wave 2

  • Prince

    I don’t know what is the point of releasing jelly bean now. Earlier version of Android still not working and now this jelly bean. They are just giving false hope for samsung wave owners and after some time this project will also get stop. It is better to buy an android rather than false hopes. This phone cannot support the calls in android and the speed with android is not bearable.

    • romeo

      I agree wid u partially about d “improvements” cos i dont think der is going to be a major change from ICS!Only der will b buttery smooth touch response…If dey could solve d SD card problem den it’ll b far better.Rebellos did fix d SD problem but still I am skeptical about it cos der wer no positive response from users!!!CORRECT ME IF I’M WRONG…

  • Niladri

    for wave 2??????? any news?????



  • wave 2

    bhosdiwalo wave 2 ka mat nikaalna chutiyo usne kya kr rakha h bc wave 1 ka hi nikaalte rehete ho……

  • lustro
    • TrooperFX

      whats new at this one??

      cuz we already have brightness level and full touch support

  • cirios83
    • TrooperFX

      not working for me. did you root your phone??

      cuzz i have 1.17 gb free, but shows only 577 mb

  • mushi

    sd card already works for me in the prtevious zImage….
    in non slim android version of ics…..i also have 8gb kingston.
    i use astro file manager and in mnt there is emmc folder in which all of my sd card data is shown and even all the apps etc video player, galery lock. too pick all the files..

    all im saying is that thats not new….

  • fausto

    me imagino que las imagen solo se sustituye en la memoria del telefono y nos dara lo que muestra esas fotos ?


    what about sd card ? its working?

  • Nasim

    Any news for wave 2 s8530 we are still waiting for android…………………………..

  • romeo

    Can anyone post a video showing d working of d sd card n being able to install HD games(on d sd card) n play video from memory card ?

    • TrooperFX

      sorry, but you cant play hd games on android 4.0.4

      its too laggy. but if you have android 2.2.1 you can, but my screen doesnt work with 2.2.1

      • romeo

        Then what is d use of having ICS on wave ?

        • TrooperFX

          dont know. but the 2.2 needs only some screen mods to make it work

  • romeo

    I thought if d sd card was working den v can use all the apps n play all d games available without any trouble or lag on our waves!!!I guess dis android is just for show off or for using normal apps!!! :((

  • vassili4242

    thanks guys we appreciate your work good luck ^^thanks guys we appreciate your work :) good luck ^^

  • vassili4242

    thanks guys we appreciate your work good luck ^^

  • uas

    hi guys anything can explain how installation in this version?


      Not really out for the Wavers. have patience

  • uas

    hi guys anything can explain how installation in this version for wave 1 ?

  • uas

    hi guys anything can explain how installation in this version….?

  • siva

    Hi,I use wave I and installed android in it and i got my memory card working!!!
    But,can any developer please tell me what is the tool you use to port android or edit the firmware…..
    so that i wish i could give it a try


      They generally use Ubuntu with a couple of softwares & lemme tell you that’s really not easy.

  • mitra

    hi thankyou for make firmware android for us but this projet not final?? i traid and seals my bada phone and buy good android phone
    sorry for bad EN language

  • umang patel

    how to install ? pleast installation start to end.i not install this rom.