Little Sailor

Little Sailor is a sailing and motorboat simulator. Take Little Sailor with you and learn basics of sailing! See how wind force affects the sail and test your skills against AI opponents in a yacht race. Learn how to trim the sails to make the most use of wind energy.

Discover when there is a risk of capsizing. Practice sailing downwind and upwind, tacking and gybing. Improve navigation skills, sail race strategy and tactics.


Change Log

v4.4: new simulation of water waves, improved: rendering of waves, simulation of yachts and gulls, GUI and tutorial

v4.2: handles bada 1.0.0 stability problems, launches slightly faster, AI opponents are smarter.



-3D graphics

– realistic simulation of sailboat and motorboat

– six AI opponents, from newbies to experienced sailors

– generator of custom tracks

– adjustable weather conditions (wind strength, direction and variation)

– shoals and dangerous areas

– textual and graphical race summary

– comparative sailing skill estimate

– multi-touch and accelerometer control of rudder and sail

– miscellaneous speed units (knots, m/s, km/h, mph) and distance units (meters, feet, yards)

– target hint to help beginners

– apparent wind and telltale indicators.


? [bada Champion] Grand Prize winner of bada Global Developer Challenge! ?


Screen Shots


Deepak Kaku ‘DK’

Fb android port page – Badadroid




54 thoughts on “Little Sailor

  1. Nikhil

    Hello DK!!
    I have a samsung wave 3 bada 2 stock ROM indian version…not updated it to latest version yet…

    I spoof games using the normal badaapps signature method combined with the backup and restore method in kies so as to install multiple apps

    most games work fine but 1 thing ive observed is that the older apps that were made for wave 1 and 2 have some issues with wave 3

    the games that use high graphics have texture bugs on the wave 3(everything is white)
    example of the games are-
    assassins creed,herman the hermit,nova,nfs hp etc

    ive read taht its due to the different graphic chipsets used in wave 3 and the older waves

    some games have also been given texture fixes but most games dont have them yet

    the games specially designed for w3 dont have that issue
    eg modern combat lags but its still worth playing

    i was wondering if u had any idea on how to resolve this issue…waiting 4 ur reply
    thanks in advance!

    1. Dk Post author

      well i have no idea about wave 3 at all, i use wave 1.
      i have heard a lot about white patches but only in Asphalt and nfs games.

      Maybe there are fixes to it. i will let you know about it. Thanks for the feedback

  2. kktkaran

    @nikhil , don’t worry ,here is the link of latest version of games which works on your wave3


    assasins creed ( use 7zip to extract it)

    zoombie inflection ( fruit ninja wave3 version)


    real football 2012

    1. Sivakumar

      real football 2012 doesnt have full details in info folder. it has only the following things
      error.log(Analysis error occured.E:\ProjectBada\repository\RF2012\Target-Release\temp\Application.i_1_def.xml (The system cannot find the file specified))




      no other files in it. no appinfo to take the code

      no share folder also.

        1. kktkaran

          u can rename its folder,go to info> and open monifiest file via notpad
          u will find 10 digit user id
          and real football 2012 only for wave3

  3. Nikhil

    Thanks for replying!!
    Another irritating issue i have noticed is that i am unable to play a game and listen to music at the same time…except 4 angry birds

    i am able to play music and play angry birds at the same time by turning off the sound in game…unfortunately this doesn’t work with any of the other apps …if its possible with angry birds then i guess it shud be possible for other apps by editing them somehow..
    pls let me know if u know any method of solving this issue

    And yeah as far as wave 3 is concerned its an awesome phone mainly due to its build and display..only problem is it slows down a bit(doesnt lag,slight slowdown noticed) after u play games…restart is required to make it 100% smooth again..Ram clearing option is unavailavle thats really bad..
    Although i must say battery lifes amazing!!
    Anyways Thanks!!

  4. Nikhil

    Oh yeah 1 more thing…if any1 faces problems while spoofing error 0109 and if that app is working 4 others its mainly because he has installed this app or some previous app incorrectly ..
    when the app isnt installed correctly it leaves some of iits contents in a folder called osphomeext in badaappslications..

    if any 1 faces these problems the solution is to remove the incorrectly installed app from the folder…

    ive faced this many times so i install the app in a new ly formatted mem card and after backup and restoring the app i copy paste game contents into main memory card…the app works fine 😛

    I guess u might be knowing about this..jus wanted 2 help ppl who face this issue :)

  5. Nikhil

    Hello guys!!!
    @kktkaran…Thanks a lot man the games work!!!

    can u please send me more links for wave 3??..i am unable to find the links for the games uploaded in myself
    especially nfs hot pursuit,tintin(i dont have wifi to download it)
    modern combat sandstorm parcel panic etc..

    Wud be realy grateful!!!
    Thanks in advance!!!!

  6. kktkaran

    nfs hot purshuit are in 2 version
    1- wave1,2 version
    2-wave3 version
    and there is no wave3 version i can give u

    so if u want nfs hp on wave3 u need to buy it from samsung apps

  7. kktkaran

    link of gt racing with bada 2.0 version is not out ,so i cannot give u.
    so i have purshase it from samsung apps
    full sound with little graphics improvement

  8. Nikhil

    @kktkaran-Thanks a ton!!

    Managed to install zombie infection,real football 2012 nova using old bada2 spoofing and kies backup and restore method…works well no problems

    installed and played assassins creed and gangstar but while backing up and restoring, the restore failed for these 2 games..tried many times…might b doin sumthing wrong i guess..the texture bug is no longer a problem though 😛

    modern combat 3 lags in the wave 3…i spoofed it so maybe i din do it right …i guess they might have released an update like they did 4 tintin but i just have the older version :(

    as far as tintin is concerned i had installed it long time back but it had a really bad lag…once the update was released i had to re install but it needed wifi so i cudnt do it….

    thanks 4 the links il try them and let u know

    i had installed parcel panic from badahub games link but everything was white(same texture problem)

    If possible pls post links of the latest modern combat 3(if any update was released) and any other shooting/action games ..Thanks a lot for all these games!!!!!really appreciate it!

  9. Nikhil

    Tried the link for tintin…it still has a really bad lag :(..cant believe that a game made exclusively for the wave 3 is lagging in wave 3 itself :(

  10. pranal

    once again thanks for link kktkaran , I have also installed assasian creed,nova,realfootball 2010

    nikhil use class 10 memory card for modern combat 3 it will run smoothly i have it in class 4 memory card it lags like hell but in class 10 memory card it is running smoothly

  11. Nikhil

    @ pranal…class 10 memory card works on wave 3???
    i use class 4…was thinking of getting class 6 32 gb microsdhc card

    any tips on what to but…i need a 32 gb card not sure abt which class 2 but
    as far as i know class 10 is for hd slr cameras…and class 6 is more than enuf for mobiles….wasnt sure abt the compatibility of class 10

    pls let me know thanks in advance!!

  12. pranal

    hi nikhil class 10 memory card is supported by wave 3 and it is really fast i am using it
    class 10 memory card reading and writing speed is higher for example in class 4 angry bird game open in about 20 second but in class 10 it open in 9 second and copying unmodified app in class 10 memory card is also faster than class 4
    i dont know about class 6 i haven’t use it yet
    ‘’ i have this one and there is 32 gb card also in sandisk mobile ultra card version
    but there are other company like strontium giving class 10 memory card cheaper than sandisk but i will suggest you to go with sanddisk

  13. kktkaran

    i have buy angrybird and i installed it on phone memory
    and it take 12sec to open it
    and wave2 bada2 running at 800mhz

  14. Nikhil

    Thanks a lot for the info bro!!and i thought that my phone wasnt capable of playing the games….thanks for clearing out my doubts.

    ive decided to get this 1…seems to be the cheapest on ebay

    is there any card available at a cheaper rate with 10 yr warranty?

    One more thing, there is an indian firmware update available for the wave 3 is it worth updating it as far as speed and performance are concerned???

  15. pranal

    hi kktkaran
    my cousin have wave 2 in his mobile angry also open in 12 sec but in my wave 3 it open in 9 sec , we both have same memory card class 10 and we have spoof angry bird in mobile but this all is not how fast it open app it is about running smoothly heavy game
    once again thanks for links you have given

  16. Nikhil

    i have angry birds installed on class 4 16 gb mem card wave 3-takes 12 seconds to start game..
    thanks to pranal i know why tintin and moderncombat3 are lagging …let me check the performance affter getting 32 gb class 10 card…

    @pranal and kktkaran
    Only thing left is the firmware update…not sure if i shud update or no…is there a chance that the old spoofing method may stop working in the new firmware??i wud like to update only if theres a performance increase….

  17. Nikhil

    @ kktkaran
    sorry i dont use chaton

    spoofing technique i use is the badaapps signatre mehtod..changing the signatre copy paste game in mem card reconnect in kies mode and spoof

    then i connect phone in mass storage …copy paste the older original signature then open kies and use the backup the application and restore it…so i can spoof more apps
    got it from this site itself

  18. pranal

    hi nikhil
    I am also using baukup and restore method for spoofing and i have not updated my phone to latest version so i cant tell you about update

  19. pranal

    hi nikhil
    I am also using baukup and restore method for spoofing and i have not updated my phone to latest version so i cant tell you about update.

  20. Nikhil

    @ pranal- i was unable to restore assassins creed and gangstar…restore failed

    real football 2012 zombie infection nova got restored no issues..

  21. pranal

    hi nikhil i have latest version of kies
    i was also unable to backup and restore asassincreed and gangstar i dont know why?

  22. Nikhil

    Does anyone know which is the best navigation and music recognition app for bada??
    i use google maps java for gps navigation :(

  23. nour sharbo

    pleeeeeeeeeez DK can u put links ( for modern combat 3 and brother in arms 2 global front I`ve wave 2 wiz bada 2 pleeeez

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