Lyngo for Bada – Voice Translation, Voice Recognition


Can you imagine talking into your phone in one language and hearing translated voice in another language?
With Lyngo now it’s possible. Speak into your phone and it immediately speaks back to you in one of described languages.

You can try Lyngo and other popular applications like that. After compare you will find out that only Lyngo has the best accuracy and quality of speech recognition. Try it now.

Typical usage:
- business meeting.
- trip to another country
- language lessons

Voice Recognition is available for this 9 languages:
English(US), English(UK), English(AUS), French(EU), French(CAN), Italian, German, Spanish(EU), Spanish(MX), Spanish(US).

If you need more languages we also support language recognition for this languages in Lyngo Ultimate (search Lyngo Ultimate in selleroffice):
Japanese, Mandarin Chinese, Cantonese Chinese, Taiwanese Mandarin, Dutch, Korean, Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, Polish, Portuguese(EU), Portuguese(BR), Russian

You can also use this app without voice recognition, just for translation and real speak for every lanauge above and additinally this ones:
Slovak, Greek, Hindi, Thai, Turkish, Arabic, Catalan, Bahasa

If you like our hard work in design and programming please rate us !
If we get good rates we will improve the app with new languages and new functions.

In order app to work properly you must talk as clear as possible and as close as possible to the microphone.
App needs also good internet connection to work properly. Please check if your device meet above constraints before use.






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Best Regards

Deepak kaku ‘DK’





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  • iWave

    Thanks for this upload. Can you upload Flight Control SE and all Apps of Imperial Game Studio?

  • TrooperFX

    what languages does this app support??

    please tell me duch is supported

    • Dk

      English(US), English(UK), English(AUS), French(EU), French(CAN), Italian, German, Spanish(EU), Spanish(MX), Spanish(US).

  • tayeb05

    Possible mediafire

  • Chuon

    Hi, I have search long time for YouTube downloader app for Samsung wave bada2 but no result.fortunallty, today I just found a java version that can use in Samsung wave bada2 (fw:Turko v6 lite) .please if Iam wrong don’t blame me ok. It called YOURTUBE DOWNLOADER VRESION 1.1.7 .I have test it it download hight quality video . To find this just search yourtube 1.1.7 jar and save it on java.i am not sure that I late to it or not.thanks

  • Chuon

    Any one please help me to register on badahub forum .please

  • Chuon

    Tubemate support android
    Yourtube support bada
    I am only the user

  • ninxxx

    bada user’s fill up this petition for skype for bada os 1029 more signature left

  • iWave

    @ Dk: Today an upadte is available for Lyngo. Can you upload the new version? Thanks for your effort!