Mega Promo Going on in Samsung app store

Since this morning, half of Gameloft games in his promo on samsung apps :

Hurry up buy and download as many apps you can in this discounted download period.
Spider-Mann = 1 euro
Tom Clancy’s = 1euro
The Settlers HD = 1 euro
Gt racing = 1 euro
Assassin’s Creed = 1 euro
Asphalt 6 = 1 euro
N.O.V.A = 1 euro
Finally we have decided to make offers!
Does not last long! (It’ll be too good to be true …)
Enjoy :D





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  • TrooperFX

    we can spoof all those apps -.-

    but if somebody buys, we can spoof the updated app like the one from nova and gt academy.

  • Vinayak

    yes grab those all. i don’t have credit card give me address and i send you money order.

  • Rajan

    phone billl option where it is

    • Vinayak

      in the assssssssshole of samsung

  • omar algeria

    how we spoof this games plzzzz i have bada 2.0 (TurkoCFW v6.1 + Spoof:) for Wave II

  • xLilice98x

    Asphalt 6 please… :( :( :( :( :( :( :(

  • 2Lani

    Hey guys I need your help urgently. Two days ago I did a full reset on my Wave III (I’ve done this twice before) after tht I immediatetly tried accessing the SamsungApp store. On the screen its displaying “Initialising SamsungApp store, do not press any bottons or touch screen while initialising” and its been doing tht ever since. I’ve heard on other forums tht I must wait at least an HOUR until it finishes, I waited for TWO HOURS & it was STILL “INITIALISING”. But as I’ve said, I have resetted it b4 but have never waited tht long, it was done within minutes. Can anyone PLZ help me tell how long does it take to do tht or hw to fix it. Thanks in advance.