New Firmware With Lots Of New FEATURES by X-Team [Samsung Wave 525 and 533]

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Presenting the all new Melior CFW for the young waves made by X-Team.


1)New lockscreen
2)New fonts
3)A little better performance
4)New bootscreen
5)New wallpapers
6)New theme

For indian value pack users:-
For german value pack users:-
For indian f/w users:-


639afa70-4ff8-4c5a-bbf7-87f475f3bceb 517ff259-a737-464c-947d-ec31565322e2

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Thanks to MDK for informing that this Rom is meant only for Samsung wave 525 and 533.


Source: X Team:-

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  • TrooperFX

    bada 1.5 lol

  • awe


  • 2makeuseof

    what wave 1

  • rishi

    Man it has many debugs like i can’t type my password m just stuck what should i do plzz guys help me performance got better but m just stuck

  • 2makeuseof

    hey somthing wrong i tested it only my scientific calculater not work all works correctly i post a tutorial

  • 2makeuseof
  • awe

    new firmware for wave1?

  • 2makeuseof
  • hemanth patwari

    is it available in india for wave 525 ?

  • mdk

    Its only for wave 525 and 533 …
    Its an value pack for bada 1.1

    • mdk

      sorry one of…

    • hassic

      how to download it……….

  • 2makeuseof

    For All Waves India Usa Uk everywhere it works
    It Is Pre Alpha Realease Wait For Next Full Version

  • 2makeuseof

    For Windows 8 Leaked Version Visit
    How To Section
    And Also Android On Pc Today will Be Post

  • Vinayak
  • mdk

    “Thanks to MDK for informing that this Rom is meant only for Samsung wave 525 and 533.”

    …it can only be for one of the models, not for both.


  • smartbhannu

    Its not working for wave 533…
    Plzzz give me the correct S/w for wave 533.. plzzz :(

  • 2makeuseof

    Yes You Right Its Not Working On Wave 533 Sorry For My useless Comment Sorry Again
    But We Work On A Emulator Which handle and Run Android App On Wave 1,2,3
    Wait For Next

  • Melior’s Founder!

    Ahem Ahem!!
    Dude,Are you missing something……credits?
    Firstly this was supposed to be only shared in site,however you did shared it here but moreover you didn’t mentioned about X-Team,the devs of the project!

    Please do mention it and Keep the rules in mind from here after otherwise some thing harsh woulddn’t be minded by us!

    Well but Yeah guys,the firmware is only for Wave 525! and new bugfree version is also in development..


  • saransh

    hey … admin please note that this is a copyright material published by our team ie team-x and its not 4 533 nd although we hav launched it as freeware we have no offense with posting it to ny other site but the agreement is either u should discuss wid us at before publishing or either display SYNTAX “DEV BY X- TEAM” with post …nd yes if u agree we will readily give u new link to next version that is “melior iota” which is a hybrid of bada 2.0 with compactiblity of reso

  • 2makeuseof

    We don’t Know That the Firmware give by our another friend
    but you say that is copyright material but you don’t know that it’s developed By Samsung
    and as you say i dont post anywhere else
    Sorry For Abuse
    But I help lot of people who don’t know about your Firmware
    We Work On Emulator

  • smartbhannu

    Please Give The correct software For wave 533..

  • Charan9t4


    something which you use(even a piece of shit)is not your own and after you finish,you refer it as your own

    copyright here has different sense…

    now lets leave and concentrate on our works…
    what we asked is just mention our name from x team so that many members might join and their ideas and suggestions help us improve better…

    and all the best wishes to your application i.e, emulator…

    hope you will definitely succeed

  • MSDIsatis

    Which languages does it support?

  • omar

    hey i want firmware with arabic please if you have new one ?!!!!!!!

  • hassic

    how can i download it yar……..

  • Anon

    Greetings. I’m from Philippines. Will this work on my phone as well? Please respond. Thank you. :)

  • Farhan

    plzzz give me a correct software for wave533 itz very slow system..
    N the new firmware itz nt working in 533..
    may i knw why.??

  • Vishnu chunakara

    if i install this frimware i lost my font “Rosemary” anyway…?
    pls any one rply me…

  • kartik

    i want ask if upgrading wave 525 can cause some bad effects like slow speed etccc……..i mean tell me if it is safe

  • Ajay

    how can i download it???
    please give me link to download it…