Opera Mini is Back and Improvised


Opera Mini is Back on Samsung apps store, but this time it has a different AppID and and updated to a new version 6.5.18.


Two days ago we said Opera has suddenly disappeared from Samsung apps thinking that even this developer company has left Bada Alone like others. But today it made an entry again into the apps store with a new better improvised edition.

the update which we had recieved late in May 2012 had some serious roblem. It used to load a page and get hung for about 10-12 secs. This has been reportedly removed in this edition. Check it out your self and let us know


Screen Shots




Deepak kaku ‘Dk”


14 thoughts on “Opera Mini is Back and Improvised

  1. yer1987

    Thats DK.. always updated for the new happenings..
    Keep it Up…
    Tnx a lot…

    upload to mediafire the unmod, files of
    asphat5- 4 bada2.0 and also opera mini..
    Tnx,, again.. Mr. Superman..!!!

  2. Abhishek

    1. Nobody ever thought that the developers left bada. I think it was pretty certain that Opera would return with a new ID.

    2. The comeback is not better as even earlier v6.5.18 was available. The lag about which you talked existed almost 1.5 months back!

    The only changes in this new Opera Mini are the speed dial bookmarks. Earlier there were many Google sites there by default but due to some objections by Google, Opera had to remove these and so all this happened.
    Performance wise it’s exactly the same as it was before vanishing from the App store.

    Get your facts clear, DK.

  3. Vinayak

    opera only runs smoother if you install it on the phone memory.

    but i don’t find it so worthfull. even my old n73 runs opera so stunningly

  4. death

    How to change language in opera mini? After I install from samsungapps,it show strange language,not english. Can someone tell me how to change language to english?

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