RoyalCircles (Flash)

rc1 rc2


RoyalCircles is a simple flash theme. To unlock screen or launch call log app/message app move a lowest circle on the one of three circles in the middle of screen :)

If there is a missed call or unread message circles change their colors to accordingly red for call and green for messges :)
There is also support for media player :)

Wave I i II
Wave III


rc1 rc2

rc3 rc4


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  • powerss

    very nice

  • one

    can u make the black ?

  • xLilice998x

    1euro en france!!!!!! :(

  • one

    change the violet highlight to gray thx .

  • MisterX

    version free pleaseee..

  • Jatin

    is there a free version available….?

  • Webdeb007

    Make it for wave y…

  • xLilice998x

    free peut-etre????????????????????

  • nikhil

    pls pls pls make it for wave y: