Startup Screen for Samsung wave II



4 other startup screens for samsung wave II …


you can now Add more Boot screens from here. Just download this zip file and enjoy four new boot up screens for Samsung wave 2 – S8530.

If you wish to create your own image

make a 480X800 bitmap image (24 bit or less)

For more information refer to this link: How to Change Boot Screen





9 thoughts on “Startup Screen for Samsung wave II

  1. Dark_star

    @xLilice998x: Haha c’est l’habitude car dernièrement Dk poste pas mal de choses intéressantes comme changer l’image du boot screen, les news de Badadroid, donc pardonne leur 😛
    Pour ce qui le veulent, j’ai fait un boot screen de Clannad 8D
    If you want, i can give you a boot screen from the anime Clannad 8D

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