The new screen is opening and answering! (Wave1 and wave2)

 I have been editing S8500JVLC2 and  S8530JVLC2 original firmwares for Samsung wave 1 and 2 smartphones .

And I have edited  the buttons for receiving and rejecting calls when we receive a call form somewhere .

There is no data loss after installation.And works for all languages and does not change the language. So don’t worry for losing your data or language as this modification only changes your calling buttons.

How to Install

1. Just download Multiloader

2.Flash with RSRC1 and RSRC2 files for your samsung wave from the links below using multiloader .



and it’s done Enjoy.

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  • One

    English Language ?

    • sepehr

      i think so

      • sepehr

        i flashed it
        its perfect and i don not have any problem!

  • EU

    when someone calls me I do not show that modified bar remains the old: (

  • TrooperFX


    is this a full firmware or can i flash rsrc1 and rcrc2 at turko v6.1??

    • Dk

      just select rsrc1 and rsrc 2 in multiloader. nothing else

      • sajan

        hai dk………..i’m using wave II.after download the file .while unzipping with both 7zip &winrar their was a error msg file are broken…
        plz solve the prblm

  • Sivakumar

    Data loss occurs after installation means what.. Are we going to loose all the applications and contacts.. then there is no point in doing this process. and more over what is special in it…

    • TrooperFX

      welll. i have no data loss.

      i have flashed a rcrs1 for new lockscreen, no data loss.

      also this rcrs2 no data loss

  • sandy

    sux big time.

  • Vincy

    it works, no data loss
    i got 1 problem
    opened mobileAP litle part on top was not clear i scrolled n its gud nw

  • TrooperFX

    how did you get it so high quality??

    when im converting the png to bmp with photoshop or online converter, it gets grey stripes at wave remaker. but when i convert with paint, it works, but the quality is very low with fade/vintage

  • One

    hero rsrc1 is much better than this one

  • someone

    Can’t we just extract swf, and modify by stune?

  • Arjun

    heheh we already have that :P

  • kevin

    i want for my samsung wave y s5380

  • denoman

    dude i dit it but now spoof dont work plz help

  • denoman

    srry it work only 1 doesnt worked

  • RT

    It worked like a candy…!!!!!!!!!!
    Thanks a lots DK..
    one humble request.. pls port android to wave 2

  • Taxidriver05

    THX for the call screen…

    I just integrated it into my “firefly-ROM”…
    Will be available soon…

  • Sivakumar

    hai friends… If you are so techy.. do something innovative and dont wast time by changing wallpaper, logon screen. we are not always swith it off and on frequently. and moreover we dont see constantly while swith it on.. I appreciate your work.. but create something useful which we use regularly.. Use your brain wisely…

  • wally

    thank you guys for the call screen.. keep up the good work!!!!

  • rohan

    can u modify this 4 wave 525 also

  • xLilice98x

    marche tres bien sur samsung wave II!!!!! :D :D
    rien a dire!:D

  • Bukoba

    Is it possible to modify it with the Wave 3 unlock method? I don’t like the original (swipe the screen).

  • sajith

    hey i am using our orginal turkey firmware (s8530JVLC2).i cant flash it now & unable to phone didnt detect i kies.
    now ii enter into download mode ,the multiloader showing an error “failed to open serialport in downloadex”…………..
    help me plz………………………..i want to chnge my firmware………………….help me

  • Bukoba

    Hi Sajith, same for me anyway. No solution yet, but maybe I’ll try a factory reset. If you have any kinda solution, please let me know.

  • Bukoba

    Hi Sajith. I reinstalled the USB drivers (deleted in control panel, and when I plugged my phone again, the drivers reinstalled), and I can see my phone in Kies. I’ll try it in Multiloader as well at the evening.

  • Bukoba

    Yep, Multiloader works as well. Problem solved for me, I hope you could solve as well.

  • dev

    Anyone please tell me how to install this..i downloaded multiloadr bt dnt knw to use it..please help me..thnks in advance

  • dev

    its workng now..thnks

  • nikhil

    it works in wave y or not?

  • aAkash

    wat should i save wid file nam

  • shivam

    please make it for wave 3