Superfast AKOP 4.1 FOR WAVE S8500 (Updated)



The Bada-droid project for the Samsung Wave series of devices has been brewing in the background for quite some time. It is nowhere near as public as some of the other ports for other devices simply because the Wave is not such a popular device and also because of its overall unavailability in several parts of the world (at least through official channels). For those who did make the jump to the Bada (soon to be Tizen) and are regretting it, it is a relief to see some development focused on porting other operating systems to the devices.

In the case of the Wave S8500, the device has been steadily receiving ports from some very dedicated devs. The latest installment, which was brought to you by XDA Forum Member Tigrouzen, is an unofficial build of the infamous AOKP ROM series. This ROM is fully featured, with several things working right off the bat. While not exactly a good comparison due mainly to hardware difference, the developer posted a Quadrant screenshot that compared favorably with other devices. However, members are reporting that several things are not working right as of yet, such as the radio which enables the device to make calls, send SMS, and a few other things that you normally like to do with a phone. This ROM is installed on the SD card, which means that the data and system are stored in there as well. The dev has been able to get about 500 MB of storage, which is enough for most mild Android users.

Please test the build and leave some feedback (and logcats… lots of logcats) so that the dev can try to figure out what the present bugs are, and most importantly, how to fix them.Better then Samsung Nexus without overclock and kernel not all optimized too.

You can find more information in the original thread.
Better then Samsung Nexus without overcklock and kernel optimized now
Its verry nice because our version its on compressed file. Last time i test nand and its realy more faster.

V4.1 :
Dont touch data.img if you dont wont lost your apps just replace system and kernel on phone

Fix 4.1 :
Setting storage

Put data.img on Osp Folder
System.img and kernel on phone no need more cache.img

Need CSC Patched all ready to see Osp Folder

Simply use “STune”, and after connecting your phone open “Registry” folder and replace “ShpCSCFeature.ini” with attached one :

Dont forget disabled Usb debug and stay awake on dev setting

Source from:XDA devolopers

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  • Tc

    CRAP like all these Android releases. Please stop the development. Its pointless and waste of time.

    • TrooperFX

      please stop commenting negative.

    • hellgate

      just fuck out of here
      we don’t like dump like you
      go fuck ur self

  • septimus

    omg tc, shut the fuck up, the roms by tigrouzen are damn awesome and you should respect the work he and the other developers have done…

  • 3

    esque les sms marche ?

  • Squid

    THE Respect
    I take my hat off

  • gibrilm

    badadroid is useless USELESS without full function . . ! ! try something else by doing bada better with 3d graphics and stuff like this , I SAY RESPECT FOR THE TRY NOT FOR THE RESULT BECAUSE NOTHING HAPPENS . . ! !

  • Maxence

    Me too, congratulation Tigrouzen and thank you a lot for your effort ! Dont’ listen to Tc, these rom are very useful to get some apps that aren’t ported to bada, continue your work !

  • TrooperFX

    please reupload da xda link

  • Imad

    comment pourais-je installer cette Rom sur mon wave 1 ?

  • TrooperFX

    please fix stune for win 8!!!

    my stune (1.0.6/1.0.7) doesnt detect it, but my pc does!!

  • Imad

    S.V.P c’est quoi “Kernel” ?

  • Guest

    “The Bada-droid project for the Samsung Wave series of devices has been brewing in the background for quite some time.”??? What a joke! You people haven’t concentrated on any phone in the Wave series other than Wave 1.

  • http://nowebsite soulijanh

    not found

  • veer

    call are working in this 4.1

    • http://no.web soulijanh

      yes,call are working in this 4.1

  • cirios83


  • hellgate

    need video tutorial/preview

  • Pz

    everything done z awesome but bettr u cud hv done is create a way of INSTALLING ANDROID APPS ON WAVE Devices coz ultimately it is dat evry1 z looking upto!! m tokin abt MODIFYING BADA TO TOP SCALE so odr OS feel short handed!
    y z it badadroid not andro_to_bada :p

  • nobe

    can you please provide a clear step-by-step instruction. im completely lost at how to put data.img on Osp Folder. thanks.

  • Tc

    All releases R CRAP. And no respect for the developers because they R too dumb to understand that what they are doing is pointless. They will never get the Android working in 100%. And noobs who are here – just idiots. TrooperFX – IDIOT. DK – IDIOT. This all is pointless trying. Get real. Wave series is not good. If U want to use Android then buy Android phone. SIMPLE. But U all are way too stupid to understand that.

  • TrooperFX

    this is the best rom!!

    and many free memory at phone!!!

    also super fast and the free memory ammount can be set!!

    • TrooperFX

      Fastest rom
      my phone mem clear 295 mb free
      lcd desteny settings available

      some negative points:
      SD not work 498 of 587 mb used (for the data.img)
      Tsunami OTA, Themes and device options doesnt work.
      no live background option

  • Joca97

    I can see OSP folder pls help……I copy ShpCSCFeature.ini but i don’t see

    • TrooperFX

      connect to kies mode any you will see your osp

      • Joca97


  • joca97

    TrooperFX ok tnx now works…..

    • TrooperFX

      also if you have the turko cfw v6.1 it isnt needed

      • Joca97

        no,no I have oficial bada 2.0.1 and android bootload-ers ,but tnx…..

  • GLoom

    only going to the badadroid logo,after that its black screen.. any fix to this??

    • TrooperFX

      just wait about 30 sec

      it will boot up.

      9/10 times it boots right

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  • GLoom

    its actually turning off after badadroid logo. this is the only version im having problems with.

    • TrooperFX

      i have no problem

      mine just boots right

      • GLoom

        what did you do with cache.img?? did u just deleted it??

        • TrooperFX

          its not included. so its not needed

  • LexA

    mine doesnt boot right too,
    boots badadroid logo then shutdown..
    system.img and zImage are on phone and data.img is on Osp…
    did i missed anything?

    • LexA

      btw, i deleted cache.img

      • TrooperFX

        cache isnt need.

        • GLoom

          hope they post a vid tutorial coz its not only me whos having the same problem. The unupdated aokp rom works fine with me.

          • TrooperFX

            this one has some boot issues.

            when using it more times it wont boot correctly.

            now at mine is booting correctly 4/10 times

  • TrooperFX

    Tigrousen said this:
    The think you need to know :
    I dont have Wave S8500 then i cant test any rom easly*
    Because all optimization (kernel and rom) works on S8530 then when im upload it doesnt work on S8500…Maybe because on S8530 dont have LCD initialized…Wifi does work on S8500 and not on S8530…

    so i think he means it works on the wave 2. but no wifi

  • james

    Is your upload already rooted?….Im also wondering what is the difference from this:

    data from: uploaded from the

    and the
    V2 remaster before last release :
    What is the difference?…

    also does this support multi tasking?I mean the menu button is not working properly(physical button of wave). Because there is no options to minimize an application in the previous versions…

    • TrooperFX

      use zen kernel with v4.1

      (overclocking is possible. settings -> Tsunami rom control -> performance)

      always set on ‘set on boot’

  • Dillip

    thanks for developing android for samsung wave s8500.
    I hope if all functions will work in the device with android os , then all users will be very much thankful to you.
    Please go ahead and help your friends :)

  • ..

    I have few Questions..

    If i try this and fails, can I boot with bada?
    Or it’s whole breakdown?

  • LexA

    Running on my system…
    this is what i did,


    files i used…
    system.img from link labelled V2 remaster:
    zImage from link labelled ZenKernel :
    data.img from link labelled Data from:

    system.img and zImage goes to the phone Memory
    data.img to OSP (you can see these when you connect the phone on Kies Mode)

    i tried to used my old data.img (from last version), i got a infite error on application upon boot…

    Shutscreen bug (am i correct) is still there.

    • hellgate

      1st of all my SD card not working. shows “Damaged”
      i do format it but its not working
      i cannot access camera(with or without sd card)
      live wallpapers R back but 1 of them not working(fails 2 load)
      i tried 2 rotate menu but its not actually not working
      with lock key, i tried 2 shut down(Power Off) but its Re-Starting
      after using half an hour it b come HOT
      and still no luck with Modem
      Fast & Responsive

      • TrooperFX

        install the v4.1 with the zenkernel

  • christo

    hello frndz..
    I’m running my wave with 4.1 slim os now i tried to run with aokp updated rom, but i can’t i m just confused with where i have to put these files whether on phone memory or sd card and one more thing i m using bada 2.0 now.. So please help me frndz..