Android 4.1.1 Jelly Bean – AOKP release for Samsung wave 1 S8500 – Pretty Fast



So here we go again, we have one more rom to cherish. This time its AOKP

Android open kang Project.

This ROM aims at more speed, more features yet being light weight on your samsung wave

Thanks to the creator Tigrouzen

This ROM features one of the very fast lAunchers

Nova Launcher as its Default Homescren Launcher which makes it much faster and better when compared to other ROMS

SD card works

Camera takes a little time to load

Wifi works better

Many new features of AOKP ROM

Play store infact Google apps has not been integrated into it

but once He releases sd version then we will be able to flash it through recovery


For now have a look at this video i created


Do comment and let us know

Wave 2 is still in the Dark Room because of LCD driver, all we can do is wait


Best Regards

Deepak Kaku ‘DK’



66 thoughts on “Android 4.1.1 Jelly Bean – AOKP release for Samsung wave 1 S8500 – Pretty Fast

  1. vaibhav

    good jobs being done by the developers…wave 1 guyzz r waitin for a stable version & the main thing is simcard/network issue..thnxx

  2. prz1408

    I have a wave 1 with bada 2.0 and I want to try this
    Do I have to install the previous roms before install these roms?
    Can anybody here tell me the installation
    thank you :)

    1. TrooperFX

      just flash the bootfiles and fota from the MIUI rom (included). (download mode at phone and download multiloader)

      then connect phone in kies and drag those 4 files over tho phone memory

      then when phone off, press call+call end 5 sec

  3. chetan

    @dk always mention the xda developer source in the posts…………the xda developer forum is angry….come on be good and post the source which is not your website…….


  4. TrooperFX

    Negative points:
    No root
    No appstore
    No whatsapp (need root and appguard)

    MC3 works, but i need to find a good cracked one.
    i downloaded one, but it says its not original, so we can play MC3!!

  5. tom

    It is actually quite fast, but with very little internal storage left, and running games very laggy. for all those rom I have tried, the android 4.04 is best for playing games.

  6. hellgate

    In V3 Kernel Rebellos included
    Miui Explorer
    Miui Sound recorder

    For maximum performance :
    On setting Developer Options
    Disable USB debugging ( i cant do it cause i need it to see on ddms) you dont need it
    Thanks 2

    i am downloading…….

  7. TrooperFX


    Filemanager :)
    Google play :)
    Fast like v2
    SD card

    all known bugs (battery, modem)
    Rom manager in settings not work.

    Easter egg at v2:
    settings->apps->all-> scroll down and you will see: Unicorn Porn
    also all the other easter eggs of android 4.1.1 work (like the beans)

    Easter egg at v3:
    not found yet

    1. TrooperFX

      New Easter egg at v2 and v3:

      (only at v2) go to settings -> rom -> (that thing of the statusbar) and look what you can change.

      v2 and v3: Open your statusbar (slide down) and you will see a pink hat. that is the Swag option

      i dont know what it does, but when you clicked it, you cant uncheck it, unless you restart it

  8. kikolo

    i’m using slim bean and it’s as fast as this one all you have to do is install holo launcher(regular, HD is slower for wave) 😉

  9. Hompie

    There is also no battery status if you check it in your settings > Battery, also when the phone is booting, it says charge your battery even when it’s fully charged !
    When the screen turn off after 1 minute, you can’t turn it on anymore, you have to reboot your phone (end call for about 20 sec)

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  11. paia182

    I want to install android on my samsung wave lite S5250. is it possible?
    you can link me a guide? thank you very much

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