Android 4.1.1 Jelly Bean on Samsung Wave 1 S8500 Review (V0.03 alpha)



Jelly Wave hits Samsung Wave 1 smartphones. Check it out now

So now Android jelly bean moves up to Alpha version 0.03

All thanks to

Rebellos, Oleg_k, mijoma, nbates66, anghelyi, mikegapinski and many others.


So now We have A partial working Android Jelly Bean On our Waves. Samsung Wave S8500 has been an ultimate device to test Android till now. Fota of S8530 Wave 2 is ready and seems to boot correctly. the only problem again, yes you guessed it right. The LCD Driver. it doesn’t seems to work.


So back to business. Android Jelly bean is little worse than ICS version 4.0.4


What Works

– Pinch to view, slide up to delete in camera

– Jellybean lockscreen

Micro SD card Works

– basic inbuilt apps and wifi
What Doesn’t Work
-Same as ICS
-Cant play videos
-No mic
-no network gsm
-no battery indicator
-rest works with lil lag
-Battery heats up fast


Check out the 2 videos i made. I hope it helps you to judge :)

ย #1 – Quick Sneak peek

#2 Full Review

I would Suggest ICS over this build as it is still in Alpha, but impatients, please proceed ๐Ÿ˜›



Deepak kaku ‘DK’


P.S Please download provided files only, to let it work



DOWNLOADย – system and zImage

DOWNLOADย – Resized data and cache

63 thoughts on “Android 4.1.1 Jelly Bean on Samsung Wave 1 S8500 Review (V0.03 alpha)

  1. Abdo1234

    i am very sad :(
    cause i think there will be no jelly bean for wave 2
    please DK tell us if there any informations about BADADROID WAVE 2 !!


  2. Pals

    hi wavers first of all i really like to thank DK and really appreciate his work towards keeping bada alive with his updates .Secondly I my self using wave 2 and eagerly waiting for android to port on it with everything working as its not that i can buy an android phone its jst that wave phones are really grt ones to hang with cause of its hardware which is vry much capable of porting OS such as android. Please DK am really waiting android to work properly with Wave 2 s8530 models .
    Once again thanks DK for ur updates keep up the god work :-)

  3. letrung

    I’ll wait for more complete version than the current version can not hear the call, the most important factor I need.Thank DK mounted on the incident

  4. Leroy

    Nevermind! After a while it worked! Jelly Bean looks way better and it is a bit smoother (obviously). I can’t wait for further updates! Thanks a lot!

    1. TrooperFX

      download ram booster free and open it. go to 2nd tab and kill all processes.

      go back to first tab and look how many free ram is left.

      with slim rom i had reached max 111mb but normally 90mb

  5. Moron

    If GSM/Mic work (in next few updates), i would say: bye Bada- and hello Badadroid – finally. Surprisingly, the XDA Developers are faster with updates than Samsung ever could. This is my first try with Android on Wave and it feels like a new phone. Hope to hear/read more about this port in next weeks :-)


  6. xLilice998x

    Merci DK pour tout ce que vous faite! ๐Ÿ˜€
    Gespere que android sera bientot disponible sur wave 2
    ( je ne tien plus en place! :D)

  7. pcs917

    Hey! Im noobing around here. Can i get detailed instructions on how to install that firmware on naked bada 2.0 LC1? I mean do i need to multiload the ICS firm before i flash it or how do i do it?
    Thanks if u got the patience and sorry : )

  8. Moron

    Quadrant Pro Benchmark: Total Points 1973-
    FPS- 33-60

    its little bit better than Galaxy Nexus, Xperia Play
    on same with HTC Sensation (Dual-Core!) and HTC Evo 3D
    and slower than Dual cores (except Sensation)

    Well Done! :-)

    1. TrooperFX

      also try ram booster free (blue box as icon)

      then kill all processes in 2nd tab an go back to first tab.

      please tell me how much free ram memory you get.

      i could reach max 111 mb at slim rom, but most of the times 89-95mb.

  9. sankalp pateriya

    hello badaroids,according to samsung,bada is based on android opensource project.
    rather than creating full android rom xda,s can replace the bada package files with android ones so that android apk,s can work.
    bada has a similar ui compared to 2.3.
    without replacing whole ui its bettet to port android package installer on bada.
    also it has launcher,live wallpapers similar to 2.3.
    please contact xda n,tell them about this.

    1. TrooperFX

      clean up your ram using smart ram or ram booster

      i have only a lockscreen bug.

      when locked and i press unlock button it doesnt work, just sometimes.

      also sd doesnt work

  10. saurav.srcs

    @ Rebellos, Oleg_k, mijoma, nbates66, anghelyi, mikegapinski, DK, TrooperFX and many others,

    There is no doubt you guys are working hard but what is the point in porting all the Android versions which ain’t fully functional??????

    You guys are wasting your expensive time as well others as people are downloading incomplete FWs & again re-flashing.

    I’d rather say, work together & complete one project or drop all these kind of projects.


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