Android 4.1.1 MIUI Jelly Bean For Samsung Wave [Very Raw]

Samsung Wave Is redefined with this A new and special MIUI Rom.

Miui stands for A deadly combination of Android OS and iOS ROMS.

Like it or hate it, this ROM is Deadly and Amazing.  But unfortunately this ROM is not giving its 100% on our Samsung waves.  
Thanks to Tigrouzen from XDA who ported this MIUI Android for Samsung wave people.

He made two version of it. One with SD card a Another without SD card

But because of some conflict Tigrouzen Removed links for the Sd card version


I have successfully used the SD card version and now the Data.img and cache.img files are in my sd card where as the kernel and zImage file are in my phone memory. Its Slow and laggy. But hats off to the creator who is trying his best day in and day out.

So here i Give a very raw and as shot Video without edits. That means how it would actually feel to use the rom.

Now the Big Question

How to Install  *ALARM* – Only use Files Provided –

1) Download Necessary Files Provided

2) SD card Version Zimage people, copy Data and cache .img files to sd card and System.img and Zimage in phone memory (links will be updated soon)

3) People whose sd cards are not readable in android copy all four files into phone memory but use zImage of Rebellos or Jelly wave

4) Rest everything should follow

One thing which im stuck is on Tigrouzen said that this rom runs on wave 2. . .  O_O

But The LCD is still not working. He says to run Android on wave 2 use ddms. Now i have no idea about ddms and also i don’t have wave 2 device with me to test it.

Get to know about DDMS here –

Anybody who is able to crack it do let us know


Best Regards

Deepak kaku ‘DK’

system + data + cache files – DOWNLOAD

Zimage with Sd card support- Coming Soon

 Zimage – DOWNLOAD

58 thoughts on “Android 4.1.1 MIUI Jelly Bean For Samsung Wave [Very Raw]

    1. TrooperFX

      first. he is not a developer, he is spreading news around.
      second. this version laggs and is verry slow.
      third. this version does have a market (working), but it has the same issues from 4.1.1 (modem and battery…)

  1. Romel

    HI DK,
    My gratitude to all the developers working on BADADROID project, and also to you for keeping the bada users up t date with the ongoing events. YOU GUYS ARE DOING A GREAT JOB.. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!!

  2. Squid

    DK u amaze me where do you find all this stuff that turns perfectly good phone i wi-fi enabled brick ore 3 inch tablet
    all we need is a PHONE no TABLET

    develop something beside theme editing

  3. Moron

    I hope there will be a update (driver) for microphone and gsm :-) Whatsapp already works if you install AppGuard and disable the option “Check Mobile Status” for whatsapp. You only need to register the pohone manually- via gsm :/

    Skype (for free call) would be great to :-)

        1. Moron

          Its german- you need to install whatsapp, than install SRT Appguard and start it. Search Whatsapp in Appguard and disable “Telefonstatus auslesen” ( reading your Phone stats like Model etc.). Appguard would reinstall Whatsapp with your settings, and Whatsapp could be used. Its only necessary to register the Phone via Call- but this isnt possible without gsm drivers :-/ The Link: (Got to Download apk)

          1. TrooperFX

            i have kinda weird problem.
            i had android 4.1.1, sd not work, so im back to 4.0.4 slim with sd. weird thing is that my sd doesnt work?? but before 4.1.1 it worked??

            can you help me??

            also now with no sd work (500 mb) then i connect to pc, i see my 1.8 gb, i paste that app, but in my filemanager i cant find, because my android see’s the ‘fake sd’.

            so how to fix that damn issue??

    1. MATRIX

      Iam also waiting for same did any one did ha i searched in many bada developers sites there is no one tried his on wave 2 ……………….

  4. Nasim

    if you see guys this is for 8500 not for 8530……we are still waiting for android s8530…

    Share if any one able to install..
    step by step
    and videos also

    Thanks in advance…..!

  5. mihir

    Have any one thought about porting windows 7 or windows 7.5 mango os on wave 2 !!!!!!!!!!!! (If not plz try it would be glad because they too are not bad os for wave smartphones )

  6. walo

    Windows phone is awesome, even with its issues! Problem is that its a closed-source project, its much more difficult to port than Android open-source.

  7. khaled bada

    hey its not work on wave 2 :( u need bootfile …fota.file
    in zip download u ll see
    cash data system zimage …. u need another file…plz dont alllowe to put link that not work plz we get tired of try

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