ChatON getting voip features with ChatONV

Earlier we thought Viber will be the first VoIP app for bada devices but as confirmed by the Viber team they said that their R&D team is still working on the VoIP update for our Samsung waves and now we can see that Samsung Chaton is also going to get VoIP feature.


It is found on the Galaxy Room where there is a app called ChatOnV with the usual ChatON where the “V” stands for Video and Voice calling. So in the future we can see this feature integrated in the usual ChatON.

The application is structured into three tabs, and resembles the graphics of Chaton. There is a list of contacts, call log, and settings. The settings are very detailed about the phone calls, the duration of these calls and the amount of data consumed. 
As for functionality , seems to be available for both voice calls, video calls VoIP. 
The main question now is whether VoIP will only be available for WiFi or also support 3G networks.

However we still have to wait for the final version of the app and Galaxy Beam as it is still under development. So we are confirmed that we will have atleast 2 VoIP apps Viber and ChatON but still we are still to get the first VoIP app and the question remains .When ?


12 thoughts on “ChatON getting voip features with ChatONV

  1. rizbuddy

    still i dont c any future for bada…… atleast i think so…
    wat u guys think???
    i mean it lacks all d good apps nd free games….
    no whatsapp… no skype…no fringe…no uc…no temple run…no cut the rope…no cricket… no football… no free nfs or asphalt… nd many many more……………….
    what you guys say????

  2. rizbuddy

    so from now onwards we all have to think, share and work on newer ideas or ways to enhance bada….
    just begging from the developers is not enough…
    time to move on anyhow…
    comeon guys….
    suggest some more effective ideas….

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