ChatON v1.8.2(15/09/12)

ChatON Samsung own messenger got updated yesterday to the latest v1.8.2.

What are the new features ?
I am going to describe them shortly but first let me tell you that there is no VOIP addition to this app they have planned a VOIP update to their app but this version does not have it.

Okay now about this new update it has a new Walkie-Talkie feature which is available right next to the “Enter mesaage” field as seen in the Image below.

This feature actually allows you to send voice messages to your friends.But this feature won’t work without activating it.

How to activate it ?

Just go to:
Settings (in the ChatON app itself) –> Chat Rooms –> Display
You can toggle Walkie-Talkie Option ON or OFF from there.

There are few other updates like creating a backup of your ChatON messages.And now you can download more messages screensaver with new frames , stamps and models as shown below.


Download Link From SamsungApps

9 thoughts on “ChatON v1.8.2(15/09/12)

  1. TrooperFX

    this was also in previous versions of chatON

    you could add recorded voices, vid, images and songs in the previous versions.

    so they made this option for people who didnt know how to send a recording.

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