Good News For Wavers – Expect Bada 3.0 in jan 2013 Las Vegas


Samsung At IFA 2012 Berlin Also Announced Some news For Bada, which was really unexpected.

Samsung Electronics has recently reaffirmed its support for the operating system of their own that has raised many concerns about the future of bada. Samsung also reinforces his claim that the latest handsets based on bada platform is expected to be launched in the first half of next year.

According to the Recent Article.

After the event the IFA 2012, Samsung will follow the exhibition electronics Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2013 which will be held in January in Las Vegas, the United States and the Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2013 which will be held in February in Barcelona, Spain, to promote related products to the public. If based on the statement of Vice President Kwon, we certainly will not miss this great event both.

Vice President Kwon said that the release of the new bada smartphone for this is dependent on the market situation, time-to-market. “[We] will soon be able to see the products [bada] new,” he assured.


Samsung May release Another Wave i.e Wave 4 with a New Bada OS. bada 3.0(a.k.a TIZEN)

unfortunately Bada 3.0 will only be released for wave 3 :(


Besides bada, Samsung Electronics along with Intel and other companies are committed to the open source environment is also being employed in the development of Tizen OS. Samsung Electronics plans to maintain the characteristics of each for both platforms. Content and Web-based applications will take advantage of next-generation web language, HTML5.With Tizen, Samsung plans to develop the OS for the general public and free.

But We will try our best to port bada 3.0 to wave 1 and 2 as and when the sources are released.

Till then stay tuned



Deepak kaku ‘DK’

53 thoughts on “Good News For Wavers – Expect Bada 3.0 in jan 2013 Las Vegas

  1. catalin

    do you read what you wrote?! i guess not;
    why so happy about bada 3? dont you want android on wave devices anymore? lame

  2. GS

    Guys,that was expected from samsung.
    Bada 3.0 was on board as Tizen 1.0.
    But,Will that be available to older devices?
    whats about updates to older waves?
    and whats about apps which will be avavilable to newer version,will it support older?
    Sammy will always take name BADA forward for thier use ,not for existing customers.

  3. A

    none talked about bada 3.0 and none said that on january will be released new bada phone… they simply said (in the last minutes of the IFA) that they hadn’t forgotten to have also an os by the name of bada…
    the article is a complete dream flight like many others bada news copy pasted as truth…

  4. devil143

    if bada is going to be a open source we will get full android port so don’t worry ,,but i am sure that tizen will be 100 times better then android b’coz it is a meego+bada so no way to worry about…….
    And tizen has android ammulator that can run android apps…so better hope for the official tizen update for all waves..

    1. ~produde~

      if you want to marry go for a teenage girl dont try a newborn baby (try android instead of tizen) otherwise you want to bread u can adopt newborn baby(tizen)…But alas wavers want to rokkkk so we want only BADA 3…yehhhhh

  5. Mushi

    I am having Wave one and interested that when Samsung is going to release Android/Tizen for it. What to me if Samsung release Wave 3 or 4 or 5. I think Good news for all Wave users will be if they get new OS on their devices.

  6. Abhishek

    Doyou even know what you write, DK? I had watched the entire event live and nothing like bada 3.0 or Tizen was promised for any existing Wave devices.

    Stop fooling and misguiding people!!

    By the way you had left this site, didn’t you! Then what are you still doing here! GTFO of here.

    1. Shashank

      Abhishek ,why you always talk like that.If you think that there is something wrong with the post then you can always say that politely.And if you think you have more knowledge than him then you can share your knowledge with others and post here. We as a Bada community don’t want anyone to abuse anybody.Nobody here is a servant to others,we all are friends trying to help each other.

      Please respect others as you respect yourself.

  7. Abhishek

    @Shashank: I appreciate when people help others. I appreciate DK on his good works, but when he is wrong, don’t expect any sort of appreciation.

    I respect DK for the hardwork he puts in informing new stuff to the people, but this time he is misguiding people.

    Nothing about bada 3.0 or Tizen for existing Wave devices was talked about in the event.

  8. Soxix

    Maybe it wasn’t said officially but it is what you can expect. If they “didn’t forget Bada”.
    It is a simple deduction. Maybe it won’t be called Bada 3, maybe no Wave 4, but something new about Bada is coming for sure.
    Also the point the open source Bada is an old rumour that can be real in a near future as it is a “new fashion” since the Android success and monopoly.

  9. Jatin

    Abhishek not everything is supposed to be said and you have to learn to read b/w the lines…

    I am sure that samsung will release a new version of bada in 2013(although i cant tell when) and if wave3 gets an os upgrade than wave1 & 2 will also get the update

  10. ~produde~

    woww its a good news for us bada fans i think they are on the way of developing a better better better one bcz its why they dropped development of BADA 2 series as 2.1,2.2….i hope something new we will taste in BADA 3 ..and for them who crying for android please u guys leave waver family and go for f***g android phones galaxy,xperia or any othr plumssss.

  11. TrooperFX

    are you fucking kidding me??

    tizen os will be ready for waves in mid 2013.

    so why the fuck will be a bada 3.0??

    and it sure will be delayed till 2014 and every country and some countrys will get it in 2015

    so why the fuck shall i wait 3 years for bada 3.0 if maybe android will be complete??

  12. ravi

    boaring news ,no expactation , doesnt mattr relase bada 3 or tizen or anything shit ,wave is my last mistake .. getting b3 or tizen or androbada or android or anthing after 5 yrs is lik doing graduation at age of 40 …

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  14. inderpal singh

    i am also a wave 3 user. it will be great to get update bada 3.0. but how we normal people get this update… you guys have great knowledge of it.. plz tell me how we get this update.

  15. Jamal

    I hope custom sound added.. nevermind if bada or android.. but I want custom sound about keypad, volume up/down, lock/unlock, minimize/maximize page and other… cause no OS make this apps.. when message open some sound will played its just look like in the movie,, tit tit tit anywhere.. any press any touch will make sound… thats it.. when end call some sound will played when touch screen swipe side way sound effect will played.. just like that…

  16. Bharat

    GOD i dont want to think the delay these guys will put fr WAVE3-TIZEN or what eva, the worst hit ppl are wave II which was more expensive thn prev waves and still not getting confirmed update of tizen… and even if it is cnfirmed it wud be in another year atleast

  17. MK

    Folks, I am not sure if this is a good/bad news (as Wave1/2 owners may feel a little left out); but even if Mr. Kwon mentioned any thing about keeping the BADA platform breathing it seems to me like a very strategic step taken by Samsung, INC.. Considering the trouble that Samsung had to face with the recent lawsuit filed by Apple for patent infringement, this step looked obvious. If I consider myself in Samsung’s place, it would be very easier for me to defend my own child (BADA) than an adopted child (Android). I am not sure what Samsung would like to call their new child, Tizen or Bada 3.0, but we can have only expectations and hope; hope that Samsung considers they consumers first.

    1. snerfud

      i truly agree with you MK… they should focus on their own child and not on the adopted one… maybe the adopted one gives them a lot of money but if they also focus on upgrading the bada os and not the android, i’m pretty sure that their sales will go up… i am a wave 3 user and i hope this Bada OS 3 will be much more competitive than the bada 2… i hope..

  18. Gaurav

    am a bada 2.0(wave 2) user and am proud of it..
    its more like a mixture of android and iOS (according to me)
    But wat the hell….really no one knows about bada..!!

  19. Dipranjan Handique

    what the fuc*….! I have a wave 2…bada 3.0 not for wave 2 dammmmmm…….!! plzzz….yaar give me 3.0 for wavers 2..!!

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