[HACK] Customizing Bada OS


Hi all, using TkFileExplorer 2.4 you can see and edit Bada system files, in this thread I will report all usefull changes I will find and you could perform using this tool

If you find something other, you might write it here so we have all them collected in the same place

How to use TkFileExplorer:

-Connect your wave to PC with usb cable;

-Select USB Debug connection;

-Start TkFileExplorer and clic Connect;

-if the program fails to connect, try changing the COM port number in Settings;

-Make a backup of the files you change;

-…and try at your own risk!

Changing default browser brightness:

File: Phone:/Settings/Default/Registry/BrowserSettings.ini

Customize power on/off screen:

for configuration:

File: Phone:/Settings/Default/Registry/PowerOnOff.ini

for resources:

Directory: Phone:/SystemFS/PowerOnOff/

Change volume presets for calls, audio player, fm radio, video player, ringtone…:

File: Phone:/SystemFS/Driver/volpresets.xml

Cleaning themes preview images:

Simply clean the files in:

Directory: Phone:/User/Mass/Theme/Default/

Change camera settings:

File: Phone:/Settings/Default/Registry/CamSetting.ini

File: Phone:/SystemFS/Driver/CameraCaps/DevCamDeviceCapsNConfig_Primary.xml [only Bada 1.2]

Change Samsung LBS settings:

File: Phone:/Settings/Default/Registry/LbsConfig.ini

for using external bluetooth gps antenna, change BtGPS=1 (not tested yet) in:

File: Phone:/Settings/Default/Registry/LbsAppRegistry.ini
Usefull directories:

Internal user storage: Phone:/Media

MicroSD storage: Phone:/Mount/Mmc

Preinstalled apps: Phone:/Osp/Application/



12 thoughts on “[HACK] Customizing Bada OS

  1. hellgate

    hey guys, thanks for the nice post. very useful stuff…… hey can u tell me how to deactivate “Any Key LCD On” option & how to REMOVE THE LIVE PANEL from the home screen or desktop of my wave. i want my wallpaper in one place and its not useful to me.. lol ……. and when i want quit from typing a message there is only “Cacel Composing message?” is there any way to active/make option for SAVE IN DRAFT …….. & is there any way to use the BADA 1.2 lock screen in 2.0…….
    thank you.

  2. afral

    hey can u teach me how to modify this one ? Change volume presets for calls, audio player, fm radio, video player, ringtoneā€¦:

    File: Phone:/SystemFS/Driver/volpresets.xml

  3. Andrei

    Hello! Great site, thanks for sharing knolege and apps with us!
    I really like my Wave 1. I have onlu one problem with it. It keeps restarting because of the “press end call key for 10 sec to reset” feature. Any way to get rid of that using an app, like this one? Had to disable PIN because of this…Thanks

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