How to activate front camera for Bada 2.0




This is TUT for learning bada 2.0 user how to activate front facing camera for S85xx firmwares


Requirements :

- S85xx bada 2.0 firmware download it from
- wave remaker (thanks to holod)
- file
- Camera signature

Steps :

**Copy wave remaker tool to firmware folder after extract**
1-Open wave remaker and dump ShpApp file (wave remaker will create new folder “bada”)
2-Close wave remaker and Open this path : Bada\ShpApp\SystemFS\Shp
3-Paste attached “” file
4-Open this path : Bada\ShpApp\SystemFS\Shp\data
5-Edit “” file (by using NotePad++)
6-Add the signature of “” file
7-Save file
8-Open wave remaker and save as .app File


Downloads :
Wave Remaker Ver 0.2.7 Tool File Signature

Notepad++ V6.1.2


This video explaining the steps


Good Luck


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  • Ale

    Flash the whole firmware or just the file?

    • MrWolf

      Full flash

  • mohan

    if i try to flash only the file .it shows error not able to flash

    • Dk

      You need to flash CSc with shp app to work
      either flash full firmware

      or just flash csc and shpapp

  • one

    Hi , Do you know how to increase volume on s8500 ? it is possible with this one .

    • MrWolf

      What you mean?
      overall volume?
      or ring volume on the start?

  • Taxidriver05

    Note: In some cases this modification could cause the “Camera failed!” error…

    • MrWolf

      I modify all firmwares for my wave , activate it and i never face “Camera failed!” error… (maybe coz of editing the signature)

  • TrooperFX

    Its completely waste of time.. No use of having front camera with 1.3 mp and not so clear and more over full flash,,,,, Oh my god

    • MrWolf

      but not all users think like you

  • redabonna

    Welldone :)
    Great job ..but we hope another tutorial about the next :-
    1- How to modify ShpApp_Compressed.bin file by using HxD program to go at Wave 3 appstore.
    2- How to Activate Socialhub Premuim for Bada 2.0 with trusted and tested method.
    my best regards for Badahub team ;)

  • chuon

    this tutorial i have seen yours for long and i think it very usedfull .thanks mr wolf

    • MrWolf

      Yep ;)
      you are welcome

  • chuon

    i modified firmware bada 5-6 time everyday .i used this methode to activated front cam never ever cause bug even modified on chinest firmware that most bug firmware

  • chuon

    great job and clear tutorial of you. thanksssss .

  • mohan

    i am unable to flash even using csc and shpapp….may i know why

  • advait

    will flashing csc and shpapp erase any data on mobile?

  • Leon Belmont

    whenever i try to put the file in multiloader it say ” can not load SHP APP binary ! ” please help :(