How to activate front camera for Bada 2.0




This is TUT for learning bada 2.0 user how to activate front facing camera for S85xx firmwares


Requirements :

– S85xx bada 2.0 firmware download it from
– wave remaker (thanks to holod)
– file
– Camera signature

Steps :

**Copy wave remaker tool to firmware folder after extract**
1-Open wave remaker and dump ShpApp file (wave remaker will create new folder “bada”)
2-Close wave remaker and Open this path : Bada\ShpApp\SystemFS\Shp
3-Paste attached “” file
4-Open this path : Bada\ShpApp\SystemFS\Shp\data
5-Edit “” file (by using NotePad++)
6-Add the signature of “” file
7-Save file
8-Open wave remaker and save as .app File


Downloads :
Wave Remaker Ver 0.2.7 Tool File Signature

Notepad++ V6.1.2


This video explaining the steps


Good Luck


19 thoughts on “How to activate front camera for Bada 2.0

    1. MrWolf Post author

      I modify all firmwares for my wave , activate it and i never face “Camera failed!” error… (maybe coz of editing the signature)

  1. TrooperFX

    Its completely waste of time.. No use of having front camera with 1.3 mp and not so clear and more over full flash,,,,, Oh my god

  2. redabonna

    Welldone :)
    Great job ..but we hope another tutorial about the next :-
    1- How to modify ShpApp_Compressed.bin file by using HxD program to go at Wave 3 appstore.
    2- How to Activate Socialhub Premuim for Bada 2.0 with trusted and tested method.
    my best regards for Badahub team 😉

  3. chuon

    i modified firmware bada 5-6 time everyday .i used this methode to activated front cam never ever cause bug even modified on chinest firmware that most bug firmware

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