How to add Asian keyboards languages for Bada 2.0



This is TUT for learning bada 2.0 user how to add Asian keyboard languages for S85xx firmwares

- S85xx bada 2.0 firmware download it from
- wave remaker (thanks to holod)
- Asian Keyboard files
- Other files

In this TUT i will add AR,UR,FA keyboards as example


Copy wave remaker tool to firmware folder after extract
CSC file :

1-Open wave remaker and dump CSC file (wave remaker will create new folder “bada”)
2-Close wave remaker and open this path : Bada\CSC_S85xx_xxx…\CSCrcs\SystemCSC
3-Remove “Font” folder and Paste attached “Font” folder
4-Open path : Bada\CSC_S85xx_xxx…\CSCrcs\SystemCSC\IME
5-Remove “OpEuro” folder and and Paste attached “OpAsia” folder
6-Remove or add any keyboards files as you like in “XT9″ folder
7-Open this path : Bada\CSC_S85xx_xxx…\CSCsfs\SystemFS\Settings\PreConfiguration\Default\Registry
8-Paste “ImeReg.ini” , “OpAsiaIME.ini” and “OpAsiaIMEdefault.ini” files
9-Remove or add keyboard languages by editing “OpAsiaIME.ini” and “OpAsiaIMEdefault.ini” files RELATED TO SUPPORTED keyboard languages in “XT9″ folder
-Change the count of supported languages (number of supported languages after customizing) and Save
10-Open wave remaker and save as non compressed CSC file

SHP file :


1-Open wave remaker and dump ShpApp file
2-Close wave remaker and Open this path : Bada\ShpApp\SystemFS\Shp
3-Paste attached files “” and “”
4-Open this path : Bada\ShpApp\SystemFS\Shp\data
5-Edit “” file (by using NotePad++)
6-Add the signature of “” and “” files
7-Save file
8-Open wave remaker and save as .app File


this video explaining all steps


Good Luck


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  • redabonna

    Cool Tutorial ..I hope in the next time another one to explain How to free up RAM by reducing some useless apps regards.

  • RiP


    • MrWolf

      Thanks to confirm

  • amar

    can we add indian languages?

    • MrWolf


  • medo2986

    I’ll try it tonight when I return my house again because I have the worst internet connection right now
    hope to work fine with Arabic language
    but where the files that is required, from where I can download??

    anyway it’s an outstanding work guys

    • MrWolf

      sorry i forget to add it
      and i can’t update the topic here
      but you can get it from video description

      Good Luck

      • medo2986

        I googled for them and I have wave remaker now but the other files I can’t find them
        if you please can reply with the download link
        I’ll be so grateful

  • RazOcean

    My keyboard is missing.


    • MrWolf

      What you did?
      any keyboard you add?
      how many keyboard you add?

  • techno

    Nice work thnxs very much
    Is there any way to fix this to write from right to left as All RTL language ??
    I hope you can fix it

    • RiP


    • MrWolf

      you are welcome
      “RiP” answer you about RTL

      Add “SHP_CSC_FEATURE_RTL=1? by editing “ShpCSCFeature.ini” file which locate in

      Good Luck

      • kamal

        thnx again
        did I need to full flash coz i tried flashing CSC file only but no result

        • MrWolf

          You are welcome
          normally it works after hard reset
          (but all your data and apps will be removed)

          Good Luck

  • medo2986

    I tried to modify the russian version by using files I got from another place but it did not work
    if you please could upload the needed file I’ll be grateful

  • medo2986

    many thanks MrWolf
    I’ll tell the results after I return from the work and trying the steps for the fifth time

    thanks again

  • Mohamed

    can u Mr wolf add arabic and english
    lang to this frimware i tried ur tut but i cant
    plz add it

  • Nadav

    Where can I get language files from? Is there any official place for getting these? I’m looking for HEBREW language

  • cspmoneymaker

    Hi everyone ! I’m looking to do the same thing for Khmer language but have no idea where to get those string files… Does anyone have any idea where can I get them for Khmer Unicode ?

    Any help is much appreciated… Thanks ! ^_^