How to add Asian keyboards languages for Bada 2.0



This is TUT for learning bada 2.0 user how to add Asian keyboard languages for S85xx firmwares

– S85xx bada 2.0 firmware download it from
– wave remaker (thanks to holod)
– Asian Keyboard files
– Other files

In this TUT i will add AR,UR,FA keyboards as example


Copy wave remaker tool to firmware folder after extract
CSC file :

1-Open wave remaker and dump CSC file (wave remaker will create new folder “bada”)
2-Close wave remaker and open this path : Bada\CSC_S85xx_xxx…\CSCrcs\SystemCSC
3-Remove “Font” folder and Paste attached “Font” folder
4-Open path : Bada\CSC_S85xx_xxx…\CSCrcs\SystemCSC\IME
5-Remove “OpEuro” folder and and Paste attached “OpAsia” folder
6-Remove or add any keyboards files as you like in “XT9” folder
7-Open this path : Bada\CSC_S85xx_xxx…\CSCsfs\SystemFS\Settings\PreConfiguration\Default\Registry
8-Paste “ImeReg.ini” , “OpAsiaIME.ini” and “OpAsiaIMEdefault.ini” files
9-Remove or add keyboard languages by editing “OpAsiaIME.ini” and “OpAsiaIMEdefault.ini” files RELATED TO SUPPORTED keyboard languages in “XT9” folder
-Change the count of supported languages (number of supported languages after customizing) and Save
10-Open wave remaker and save as non compressed CSC file

SHP file :


1-Open wave remaker and dump ShpApp file
2-Close wave remaker and Open this path : Bada\ShpApp\SystemFS\Shp
3-Paste attached files “” and “”
4-Open this path : Bada\ShpApp\SystemFS\Shp\data
5-Edit “” file (by using NotePad++)
6-Add the signature of “” and “” files
7-Save file
8-Open wave remaker and save as .app File


this video explaining all steps


Good Luck


24 thoughts on “How to add Asian keyboards languages for Bada 2.0

  1. redabonna

    Cool Tutorial ..I hope in the next time another one to explain How to free up RAM by reducing some useless apps regards.

  2. medo2986

    I’ll try it tonight when I return my house again because I have the worst internet connection right now
    hope to work fine with Arabic language
    but where the files that is required, from where I can download??

    anyway it’s an outstanding work guys

    1. MrWolf Post author

      sorry i forget to add it
      and i can’t update the topic here
      but you can get it from video description

      Good Luck

      1. medo2986

        I googled for them and I have wave remaker now but the other files I can’t find them
        if you please can reply with the download link
        I’ll be so grateful

    1. MrWolf Post author

      you are welcome
      “RiP” answer you about RTL

      Add “SHP_CSC_FEATURE_RTL=1? by editing “ShpCSCFeature.ini” file which locate in

      Good Luck

  3. medo2986

    I tried to modify the russian version by using files I got from another place but it did not work
    if you please could upload the needed file I’ll be grateful

  4. medo2986

    many thanks MrWolf
    I’ll tell the results after I return from the work and trying the steps for the fifth time

    thanks again

  5. cspmoneymaker

    Hi everyone ! I’m looking to do the same thing for Khmer language but have no idea where to get those string files… Does anyone have any idea where can I get them for Khmer Unicode ?

    Any help is much appreciated… Thanks ! ^_^

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