How to Get Google Now Voice Search Engine on your Samsung Galaxy S III (Replace S-Voice)




Are you Bored of S voice? Is S voice really not working out for you. Im sure it isn’t. Why don;t you try The latest Google Now Project on your Samsung Galaxy SIII.

Here is a tutorial on How to Get Google Now speech recognition and voice typing Facility onto your Samsung Galaxy S III Smartphone.


In order to follow this guide you must be rooted


Step 1: Installing Google Now:
1.)Download the Google now flashable zip here: (offline voice typing files bundled, online will be posted at the end for those who want it) XDA Google Now Download Thread
2.)Make sure they are on your internal SD card and reboot into recovery
3.)choose install zip file and navigate to wherever the file is (if you are unsure then there is a good chance that it is filed under downloads/
4.)once you are done with this, turn your device back on and verify that the app “Google” is in your app drawer
5.)If so then continue with the tutorial, if not then retry and if that does not resolve the issue then post questions in this forum.

Step 2: Activating Google Now
1.)Make sure you have Google latitude installed and have set up your account for latitude before continuing just to be safe.
2.)Launch the Google Now app and go through the setup until you click the “Yes, I’m in.” option and your cards appear
3.)Continue to the next and final step or, if you are happy with not being able to launch Now via double tapping the home button, stop here and have a nice day!

Step 3: Replacing S-Voice
1.)Go into S-voice settings and uncheck the option “Launch S-Voice”
2.)Download a free app from the market called “home2 shortcut” (or link here: Download)
3.)Set the double tap home option (Home> Home) to launch “Voice Search” from installed applications. (make sure it displays a blue microphone when you do this)
4.)Continue with the instructions for the app and close the app.
5.)Test it out, if it doesn’t launch directly into the voice search after doing the double home then follow the next few steps, if it does then skip to step 8.
6.)Open the Google Now app (it will be listed as “Google” in your app drawer)
7.)Press menu>refresh.
9.)Enjoy having Google Now on your Ice cream sandwich Samsung Galaxy S3!


Credits go to:

SilentStormer – kept the Google Now for ICS thread up to date
cajunflavoredbob – Made a nice list of all the different Google now patches
Slickdaddy96-helped me find apps
Google- For making this awesome Program
Samsung- For the hardware!




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