How to hack S8600 Wave 3 store with your S85xx Wave 1,2



Some Apps are developed for S8600 Wave III and not for Wave I,II however most of Apps are compatible with Wave I,II
This is TUT for learning bada 2.0 user how to hack S8600 Wave III store with S8500 Wave I and S8530 Wave II
in this TUT i will modify files for S8500 Wave I

Requirements :

– S85xx bada 2.0 firmware download it from
– wave remaker (thanks to holod)
– Hex Editor XVI32

Steps :

**Copy wave remaker tool to firmware folder after extract**
1-Open wave remaker and Open “Utils” tab
2-Click on “Decrypt” and Open “apps_compressed.bin” file
3-Save the decrypted “apps_compressed.bin” file with new name and Close wave remaker
4-Open “XVI32.exe” and Drag the decrypted “apps_compressed.bin” into “XVI32”
5-Search your “PDA” firmware
-Ex:S8500XXLG3 Then type in (Caps Lock) in text string box “S8500+XX+LG3
-Ex:S8530JPLB2 Then type in (Caps Lock) in text string box “S8530+JP+LB2
-You will find after the text that you search

“GT-S8500” for wave I device and “GT-S8530” for wave II device

6-Change “GT-S8500” for wave I device to “GT-S8600
-and “GT-S8530” for wave II device to “GT-S8600” (thanks adfree)
7-Search         “02 00 00 00 02 00 00 00 00 08 00 00 00 00 02 00″ in Hex string box
8-Change it to “01 00 00 00 02 00 00 00 00 08 00 00 00 00 02 00″ (thanks mylove90)
9-Save file
10-Open wave remaker and Open “Utils” tab
11-Click on “Encrypt” and Open the decrypted “apps_compressed.bin” file
12-Save the new encrypted “apps_compressed.bin” file with new name
13-Flash the modified “apps_compressed.bin” file

This video explain all steps

Good Luck


Downloads :

Wave Remaker Ver 0.2.7
Hex Editor XVI32

44 thoughts on “How to hack S8600 Wave 3 store with your S85xx Wave 1,2

  1. Chuon

    Great i am not tried it yet .sir .any way if you got tutorial how to custom apps compressbin that can spoof app on any firmware .i think it is the good idea untill now

  2. Chuon

    Hi all . I dont khow mine right or not but i have custome app compress bin from hero jvcl2 into bada 2 asian i mean only to custome the compress bin .so ithink something is usefull better than less .that it can increase their benefit to samsung like google app alot of free usefull apps .to make any firmware compatible for better other device. Thanks

  3. redabonna


    I knew it
    but i am sorry i will not make any TUT about spoofing paid Apps
    Good Luck

    Good work Mr.wolf … i think now after all the tut Badahub share it the all can try making his own special custom FW .really Nice :)

  4. redabonna

    I think we need another Tutorial about How to free up more size from RAM .and How can we Handle and fixing Navigation lagging. waiting for this Tut ..
    best regards :)

    1. MrWolf Post author

      Its too complicate
      what i can to do right now is to reduce the size of firmware files
      and its not bad coz its speed up a little the system
      i customized some firmware and its not bad
      if you are S8500 user tell me and i will give you my latest firmware

      Good Luck

  5. chander

    how i return to official firmware after spoofing dk method because kies shows your device not upgrade with kies, & my bada 2 shows jvlc2 in place of ddlc2


  6. Emmanuel

    Hey guys, if we flash the Apps file does that affect in any way the applications and games that are already installed on the phone ?

    Also does this work on Turko Firmware ?

    1. MrWolf Post author

      if you read the topic from the first you will see that the second word is
      some Apps …..

      coz some apps need more ram and gpu

      Good Luck

  7. SpL1TtEr

    Hello,this hack is good,but i have 1 problem,when i plug in my phone into pc,i have this message “HArdware is missing” maybe some1 have solution?

  8. zartell

    It is work only if are connected to APPS directly from phone .The gt-s8500 not recognized when connected by Kies.

  9. raunak

    wave remaker is not opeining only fr.. it shows an error saying unable to find runtime to run this application.. plz help

  10. nishad

    5-Search your “PDA” firmware
    -Ex :S8500XXLG3 Then type in ( Caps
    Lock) in text string box “ S8500 + XX+ LG3 ”
    -Ex: S8530JPLB2 Then type in ( Caps Lock)
    in text string box “ S8530 + JP+ LB2 ”.
    How to get the pda firmware name Ex: S8530JPLB2. How to get this of our phone.

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