How to modify keyboard Europe languages for bada 2.0



This is TUT for learning bada 2.0 user how to add or remove supported keyboard languages for S85xx firmwares

– S85xx bada 2.0 firmware download it from
– wave remaker (thanks to holod)
– Keyboard files

In this TUT i will add Russian keyboard as example

1-Copy wave remaker tool to firmware folder after extarct
2-Open wave remaker and dump CSC file (wave remaker will creat new folder “bada”
3-Close wave remaker and open this path : Bada\CSC_S85xx_xxx…\CSCrcs\SystemCSC\IME\OpEuro\XT9
4-Remove or add any keyboards files as u like EXCEPTING asian languages
5-Open this path : Bada\CSC_S85xx_xxx…\CSCsfs\SystemFS\Settings\PreConfiguration\Default\Registry
6-Right click on “OpEuroIME.ini” file and choose “edit”
7-Remove and add the languages that you need RELATED TO SUPPORTED language in “XT9” folder
8-Change the count of supported languages (nember of supported languages after customizing)
9-Save file
10-Repeat steps 6,7,8,9 with “OpEuroIMEdefault.ini” file
Open wave remaker and save as non compressed CSC file


XT9 Folder HERE or HERE

Languages ID HERE


Follow this video here

Good Luck



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and add this links as Arabic,English,French,Farsi,Urdu string folder

and change every *.so to *.rsr 

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8 thoughts on “How to modify keyboard Europe languages for bada 2.0

  1. SmirgeliS

    Hi, i tried this and i think i done everything right but when i flash that csc file i cant see my keyboard :/sorry for english

  2. Nasim

    Hi….i want to change my font style for my s8530
    i like small font is there any tricks to change font size.
    One more thing i need ‘HINDI’ font for my s8530

  3. xLilice998x

    Moi j’ai une question que je n’arrete pas de posser sur tout les sites web ou je vais: Je voudrait savoir si il est possible de changer le clavier de COULEUR sur bada 2.0 wave 2?? Le clavier blanc de bada 1.2 me manque… Je sais que c’est possible mais je ne trouve pas le fichier qu’il faut… Silvouplait quelqu’un serai coment faire?? (DK?….)

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