How to modify system languages for bada 2.0




This is TUT for learning bada 2.0 user how to add or remove supported  system languages  for S85xx firmwares

– S85xx bada 2.0 firmware download it from
– wave remaker (thanks to holod)
– string folder (*.so files) extract it from your region firmware


In this TUT i will add Swedish language as example

-Copy wave remaker tool to firmware folder after extarct
-Open wave remaker and dump CSC file (wave remaker will creat new folder “bada”
-Close wave remaker and open this path : Bada\CSC_S85xx_xxx…\CSCrcs\SystemCSC
-Replace you extracted string folder with the default folder
-Open this path : Bada\CSC_S85xx_xxx…\CSCsfs\SystemFS\Settings\PreConfiguration\Default\Registry
-Right click on “SettingLanguage.ini” file and choose “edit”
-Remove and add the languages that you need RELATED TO SUPPORTED language in *.so files (string folder)
Change the count of supported languages (nember of supported languages after customizing)
-Save file
-Open wave remaker and save as non compressed CSC file


Follow this video here

Good luck



46 thoughts on “How to modify system languages for bada 2.0

      1. MrWolf Post author

        the download links that you added is 2 link not one
        , please write
        Arabic,English,French,Farsi,Urdu string folder before this links
        and delete the message the i wrote to you in the post of today

  1. chuon

    khmer is laguage of cambodia located on sea asia between thai and vietnam its has angkor wat world wonder 7 on the world .the website to test is … or khmer load .com..
    i has search after seen your tutorial and saw khmer code =44 on the xt9 setting list in CSCrcs >setting >IME>OpenAsia>xt9>xt9setting list. Actually i use firmware bada2 open asia(thailand) from sammobile firmware page PDA : s8500DXLD1 csc :s8500 OLBD1.Thanks for your help.

  2. Abdelrhman

    i download the arabic string that you give to me and modify as you explain ana flashed but the arabic alphabet seen as small squares on my mobile

  3. Pooria

    Where is files exactly ?
    is this in :
    CSCrcs>SystemCSC>STRING ???

    if its there i have files !
    like :
    Admin.rsr , AppTimer.rsr , VoiceCall.rsr , ETC

    Help Me Plz

      1. MrWolf Post author

        its wrong from me
        and you are true
        i wrote (.so) but its (.rsr)

        i tried to update the post but its only admin who can update it
        so that i send him message for he update the wrong and add some links and video 😉

  4. Assad

    please any one
    I am trying to edit TurkoCFW v6.1 firmware to Arabic lang
    and When I Dump the file
    I can,t find PreConfiguration and the Registry is empty
    pleas I need your help

  5. chuon

    khmer languge has no id on that string list and in my firmware did not have khmer languge .so what can i do to edit on that firmware to have the font browser

  6. Elania (Brasil)

    Good Morning.
    I know this post is about language, but I wonder if you uninstall as native applications. Is there a process?
    Sorry if I ask in the wrong place, but I searched around the site and did not find any post that gave me this information.
    Thank you. Hugs.
    PS. I’m using google translator.

    1. MrWolf Post author

      good morning
      i don’t understand
      but if you mean uninstall App like ChatOn
      follow this Path:
      Edit “MainMenu_Init.ini”

      and the app that you want to uninstall (ex:ChatOn)
      you will see something like this

      Change “MenuType11=2” to “MenuType11=1”

      Good luck

  7. Chuon

    Another way to un install chat on on a firmware u need to extract firmware by wave remaker then choose csc file and shp file
    In csc file goto the mainmenu in registry edit it by the same post of mr wolf
    In shp file search for osp folder> application then delete app you need to erase

  8. Chuon

    Good job .sir .but the problem still have cause when i add this font the other font cannot be view. And the font type is not a khmer unicode .so i can only view alphabet with lots of +sign.
    Other problem is when i custom this font with asia firmware (open asia) it show alphabet only the dash not aletter or a sign.But when i add it with open euro firmware it ok to view

    1. MrWolf Post author

      i try to edit special font for you coz your language available but other language become squares

  9. Chuon

    In my country , less people understand bada but they are good at android and ios . Iam only a user of s8500 phone and not an IT persons. Because i love this phone and i try almost every follow tutorial to custom khmer languge only my self and your help like KiNg and you thanks alot.

  10. maher

    Thank you MrWolf for your great work .
    Actually i did all steps you explained to add arabic lang but phone restarted every time and couldn’t go to system !
    Pls help .

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