Install Whatsapp for Android 4.1.1 AOKP (no market or root need)

1) Download whatsapp:

2) Download STR AppGuard:

3) Boot phone to badadroid and download a filemanager from a site (I recomend androzip pro):

4) Look at the statusbar when download finished and install it.

5) Connect phone to pc.


6) move over whatsapp and STR AppGuard.

7) install from your filemanager.

8) At STR, go to your apps, then click at whatsapp and follow what you have to do.

9) When finished, go to your secured apps and disable phone call (phone id).

10) If you dont have a phone  scroll down till 14 (sorry, only at pc).

11) Insert your sim to an other phone.

12) Verify your phone number at badadroid and take over the 3 number code from the other phone (you get it in a sms).

13) Enjoy!

14) If you dont have a second phone, download bluestacs:

15) Install it and install whatsapp at bluestack.

16) Boot your phone into bada.

17) Verify your phone number at your pc and take over the 3 number code from your phone.

18) Now you have whatsapp at your pc.

19) Enjoy! (mine didnt worked at phone with bluestack)

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  • shrey

    is it for wave 2????

    • TrooperFX

      if u managed to get android work on wave 2 and for wave 1

      • shrey


  • Harshal

    Well do you mean to say that we can now install whats app on Wave 3 (Bada)…..

  • assassinatingmachine

    bro hw did u manage to get it work on wave 2

  • ron

    works for samsung wave 723?

  • Screamo89

    with the new version of whatsapp doesn’t work :(

  • gody

    thanks its working, have just done it now

  • vinayak

    work for samsung wave s5253???????/