Iphone V2 Theme

9mj1b 9mj1b2


Its new iphone theme it’s alll icons is like iPhone and same iPhone like lock screen you will like it…
So download and enjoy…. A new iphone theme


9mj1b 9mj1b2

9mj1b4 9mj1b23


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  • Motmot

    Gonna try it, looks nice

  • anjani

    hmmmmm very gud theme nice work keep it up

  • mahesh

    ya very nice theme its like iphone only

  • http://www.youtube.com/FPSUsername TrooperFX

    some improvements you need:
    HD Icons
    Better lettertype at the lockscreen (thin one)
    Digital clock at lockscreen
    better background

  • anjani

    yes write improvment needed

  • hishu

    lockscreen should be some thing like this picture.. http://www.intelliborn.com/media/intelliscreen/1.jpg

  • momo

    yes it will be better

  • khaled bada

    how to instal

  • khaled

    how to instal in wave 2

  • aAkash

    you really developed a dashing theme..