PowerPlay – Free Music App

This is a Free Music Application For samsung Wave smartphones Running Bada 2.0

This application is for Wave 1/2/3

An alternative to the Stock Music player of Samsung


This application is music player for smartphone’s, working on Bada operating system. Music player give an opportunity to modulate the audio thread: equalizer, tone, balance. Also music player allow working with users play-lists










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  • alan bularon

    How to install?

    • http://deepakkaku.co.cc Dk

      use samsung apps
      or spoof it

  • Tato3x

    Apps close :’(

  • Sombra

    This software are very imature, aplication freezes sometimes and close randomly.

  • akul08

    Works like a charm on my wave II. It loaded all the songs perfectly from my sd card. Equalizer, tone, volume and L-R balance are working flawlessly. Did not crashed even once. Downloaded it from appstore.

    • Vinay

      which version ur using. in my indian version app not working properly.

      Only folder icons are displaying. im unable to see the songs list .

  • akul08

    Although it doesn’t support .mp4 and .flac extensions

  • Syam Kumar T

    smartphones running bada 2.0..??
    the screen shots look like its not bada 2.0 mabe 1.2 or lower..!!

  • Nasim

    i have downloaded from samsung store but i’m not happy with volume

  • Tato3x

    una nueva actualizacion del samsung apps, despues se instala en la microsd, y se ejecuta por primera vez en la ventana del samsung apps y funciona correctamente :-)

  • alan bularon

    vEry poor sound quality…